Marapharm Ventures Updates on Critical to Security Inspection

Published: May 14, 2018

Marapharm Ventures Updates on Critical to Security Inspection

Marapharm Ventures Inc. announced that the fiber optic cable inspection to service our site in the North Las Vegas Apex Business Park is now complete. This initiative brings high-speed online benefits to the entire business park and will support our current demand and our long-term objectives meeting the requirements for our future infrastructure.


CenturyLink, the third-largest telecommunications company in the U.S., completed the network architecture and worked closely with our sub-contractors to ensure the installation passed mandrel testing.


This utility is a critical state requirement to pass the final inspection and meet compliance to operate a cannabis facility in Nevada. The City of North Las Vegas Police Department must have the ability to monitor the interior and exterior of a cannabis establishment, by “live feed” video surveillance which must be accessible at all times, and in real-time. Time also must be measured in accordance with the U.S. National Institute Standards and Technology standards and all recorded images must be retrievable for a minimum of 60 days.


Marapharm deployed both dome and bullet cameras with a host of built-in “smart” features, some of which include, motion, line crossing, intrusion detection, motorized zoom lens, enhanced image features and built-in infra-red LED effective up to 98 feet. These products are integrated with our security control system and can be accessed remotely. We look forward to going “live”.