Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Signs LOI to form Joint Venture with Biolinear Technologies Inc., a Developer of Nano Delivery Systems

Published: October 13, 2021

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Signs LOI to form Joint Venture with Biolinear Technologies Inc., a Developer of Nano Delivery Systems

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. entered into a non-binding letter of intent dated October 12, 2021 to form a Joint Venture with Biolinear Technologies Inc. This JV will utilize Biolinear’s nano technology to design, produce, and sell cannabinoid-based products with enhanced bioavailability and drug delivery capabilities developed by Biolinear.

Biolinear is a technology company based in Nevada, USA and has developed technologies including the Cannabinoid Enhancement System (CES), GelPatch™, and NanoSpheres™. The CES is a patented technology that dissolves isolates, crudes, or distillates into a pure Molecular Solution, boasting a particle size of ~1 nanometer, which increases the bioavailability and unlocks the full potential of cannabinoid products. GelPatch™ is an odourless, colourless transdermal and topical delivery system for soluble and insoluble drugs, including cannabinoids. NanoSpheres™ is a time-release oral drug delivery technology especially suited for high/bulky dose and/or sustained release applications.

“I believe these technologies are the future of the industry and having the opportunity to utilize them in our products is expected to provide a significant competitive advantage,” said Raymond Lai, Maple Leaf’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We have developed industry leading technology at Biolinear and are excited to get them in the hands of consumers through this JV,” said Alan Stier, Biolinear’s President. “We anticipate that our technology, paired with the production capabilities of Maple Leaf, will enable us to be a formidable player in the cannabinoid market.”

In the coming weeks, the Company will be conducting further due diligence and continuing its negotiations to complete the JV. All efforts are underway to accelerate this tremendous potential opportunity to expeditiously advance the commercialization of products that utilize Biolinear’s technologies. Maple Leaf is finalizing due diligence on the technologies and anticipates entering a definitive joint venture agreement before the end of October.

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About Maple Leaf Green World Inc.
Maple Leaf is a public Canadian company that is focused on the hemp industry in North America. The Company currently has a hemp project in Southern California. With over 10 years of extensive greenhouse management experience, the Company applies its eco-agriculture knowledge and cultivation technology to produce contaminant-free cannabis products. Maple Leaf’s long-term objective is to produce cannabis oil and to export its products to approved countries. The Company’s common shares are listed for trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the symbol “MGW” and on the OTCQB market under the symbol “MGWFF.”