Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Has Created Its Own Brand Name - Phoenix Crave

Published: April 26, 2021

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. Has Created Its Own Brand Name - Phoenix Crave

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. announced it has developed its own unique brand name, PHOENIX CRAVE, for its high quality CBG products. A preview of the Phoenix Crave artwork can be viewed on the Company’s websites. The Company is also pleased to announce the following new business developments:

New Distribution Networks

The Company has established a West Coast distribution network encompassing California, Oregon and Arizona. Two other distribution networks in Nevada and Florida are currently being set up. The Nevada agent is waiting on the results of a lab test to confirm there are no contaminants in the Company’s products as required by the Nevada State laws before launching its marketing campaign.

New Products Development Update

CBG Hemp Cigarette
The Company has completed and approved the packaging artwork with its joint venture partner, Hempacco Co. Inc. (“Hempacco”). The artwork will now be sent through Hempacco’s printing and packaging process to produce Phoenix Crave Gold and Phoenix Crave Gold Grape Flavor cigarette boxes. The initial batch will produce commercial ready sample packs to be sent to the Company’s distribution networks, partners and dispensaries. The two retail ready, 20-packs of CBG Hemp Cigarettes will also debut through the Phoenix Crave e-commerce platform that is currently in development.

CBG Pre-Rolls
The Company has also been packaging its own CBG Hemp Pre-rolls for purchase through its own sales network. The CBG Hemp Pre-rolls offer a high-end product that is a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of premium CBG hemp and less than 0.2% THC. These pre-rolls can be purchased individually or in packs of 2.

The Company has also shipped a test sample of biomass to a lab in California to produce CBG Crude. The Company is pleased with the results and are currently selecting a processing facility to further refine the crude to manufacture CBG Oil and CBG Gel Capsules.

All Company products are currently available for viewing on their website at All products will be made available for online ordering after the official launch of the e-commerce platform. For further information and updates regarding the Company, please visit

Maple Leaf is a public Canadian company that focuses on the cannabis and hemp industry in North America. The Company currently has cannabis and hemp projects in British Columbia and California.

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