Madge and Mercer Partners with Grow Pharma to Bring Prescription Cannabis Oil “Cartridge” Vaporizer to the UK

Published: January 29, 2024

Madge and Mercer Partners with Grow Pharma to Bring Prescription Cannabis Oil “Cartridge” Vaporizer to the UK

Madge and Mercer, the Canadian women’s wellness-focused cannabis brand founded by design industry veteran Shauna Levy, is set to make its mark in the UK’s prescription medical cannabis market. In collaboration with leading UK distributor Grow Pharma, Madge and Mercer introduces a sophisticated cannabis oil handheld vaporizer.

Levy, driven by her personal experience with chronic pelvic pain, founded Madge and Mercer with a focus on women’s wellness and scientific backing. Excited about the UK expansion, Levy expressed, “I created Madge and Mercer because I believed that there were many women, particularly over 40, who could benefit from cannabis wellness. I couldn’t be happier to know that we will now be able to serve women in the UK as well.”

Grow Pharma, known for its commitment to providing high-quality cannabis medicines, aligns perfectly with Madge and Mercer’s mission. Pierre Van Weperen, CEO of Grow Pharma, highlighted the importance of introducing brands aimed at helping manage women’s health, stating, “Addressing women’s health is a crucial aspect of our commitment to providing diverse and effective medical cannabis solutions. Collaborating with Madge and Mercer allows us to shine a spotlight on this often overlooked and discounted area of medicine.”

The collaboration launches with a stylish cannabis oil handheld vaporizer pen featuring a 4:1 CBD:THC ratio and a specially designed terpene profile. This cutting-edge product offers patients a discreet and sophisticated way to incorporate medical cannabis into their wellness regimens.

Grow Pharma’s patient lead Alex Fraser adds “We would love to hear from prescribed patients on how to make medical cannabis more accessible to patients with women’s health issues. We understand the stigma and misconceptions that come with the word ‘cannabis’. We want to help bridge that gap and support more patients within this demographic.”

Madge and Mercer’s entry into the UK prescription cannabis market signifies a significant step forward in advancing cannabis-based wellness solutions for women and individuals seeking alternative health options.

About Madge and Mercer
Madge and Mercer Modern Apothecary offers premium, boutique, and research-based high CBD and micro-dosed THC extracts, vapes, and topical products designed to seamlessly integrate into a woman’s wellness routine and self-care toolkit. Created with precision and batch-to-batch consistency, Madge and Mercer products are designed fora woman’s lifestyle.

About Grow Pharma Ltd.
Grow Pharma Ltd is a joint venture between Grow Group Plc and their licensed partner Vertical Pharma Resources Ltd t/a IPS Pharma. Grow Pharma works with producers of the best cannabis-based medicines around the world, helping them introduce their products in U.K. Grow Pharma pride themselves to be the top importer, distributor, and pharmacy with the broadest range of medicines and best-in-class services, including the fastest turnaround on prescription delivery to patients. The Grow Pharma team also provides essential support and education to cannabis-prescribing clinics and healthcare professionals, helping them get to grips with this new and often complex area of medicine. All their activities are aimed at improving patient access to these medicines and engendering acceptance and understanding within clinical settings.