LYPHE Group Imports Northern Green Canada into the U.K. Market as Supply to the Medical Cannabis Brand, NOIDECS

Published: February 18, 2021

LYPHE Group Imports Northern Green Canada into the U.K. Market as Supply to the Medical Cannabis Brand, NOIDECS

LYPHE Group, U.K.’s leading medical cannabis provider, with more than 60% of the British patient market, and Canadian independent EU GMP manufacturer, Northern Green have entered into a supply partnership that will see a range of indoor grown flowers enter the market under the brand name of NOIDECS.

The flowers are now available in the private market and through NOIDECS’ inclusion on the formulary of Europe’s largest patient real world data registry, Drug Science’s Project Twenty21. Under the agreement, NOIDECS is also expanding the range into other International territories. The growing range of NOIDECS products is welcome news for the U.K. market, which has historically struggled with consistent supply of flower-based medical cannabis products. It also adds to the long line of products stocked by LYPHE Group pharmacy, Dispensary Green, which stocks more than 90% of all available brands in the market.

Dean Friday, CEO, LYPHE Group said of the new partnership: “We are pleased to welcome the talented team at Northern Green Canada into the U.K. market and consider them an important strategic supply partner as we begin the march across Europe and further afield with NOIDECS.”

Lisa McCormack, CEO, Northern Green Canada said in response: “We are delighted to support LYPHE Group as they build their NOIDECS range into a mainstay of the U.K. and European markets. Northern Green Canada’s approach is always focused on the production of quality medicine, and our EU GMP-certified products are a testament to this achievement.”

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Northern Green Canada Inc. is a federally licensed, EU GMP-certified producer of medical cannabis, focused on providing cannabis medications for a better quality of life. NGC is a research and development driven company committed to the health and well-being of patients. Find more information on the website