Lotus Launches Joker Juice Cannabis Strain in BC and Reduces Debt with Shares

Published: January 3, 2024

Lotus Launches Joker Juice Cannabis Strain in BC and Reduces Debt with Shares

Lotus Ventures Inc.,a BC based licensed cannabis producer and owner of the Lotus Cannabis Co. brand, announces the launch of its next collaborative strain launch, the “Joker Juice,” now available in BC. With its pungent blend of terpenes and enjoyable potency, the Joker Juice provides a smooth experience for consumers looking for rare BC-grown cannabis.

The Joker Juice is currently offered in two dried flower SKUs in BC:

  • Joker Juice 2 Gram (Available at select BC retailers via direct delivery)
  • Joker Juice 7 Gram

The Joker Juice was also approved for the OCS Flow Through program and is expected to be sold in Ontario around springtime.

The Joker Juice is our new collaborative strain launch with the BC Weed Co., a passionate group of cannabis enthusiasts with deep roots in BC. This strain, known for its distinctive aroma, well-balanced effects, and visually striking appearance brings together a roster of champions. Jealousy, Ice Cream Cake, and Grape Gas are all found in its lineage. The dense, dark purple and green buds have a sweet candy grape note that first greets the palate and follows through with spice and fuel to finish. Retailers and consumers can expect the initial LOT of the Joker Juice to be 24.5% THC and 2.4% in terpenes with myrcene, ocimene and linalool leading.

The Lotus team would like to thank all the retailers and consumers that have already purchased the Joker Juice. Between the Joker Juice and the Keylime Kush, Lotus grown flower is currently sold in approximately 185 retail locations or 47% of cannabis stores in BC.

Debt Reduction – The Company continues to operate with limited working capital. To reduce the working capital deficit, the Company has negotiated a reduction of approximately $628K of its debt by issuing 25,141,640 shares at $0.025 per share with warrants at $0.05 per share expiring December 5, 2028.

About Lotus Ventures Inc.
Lotus Ventures Inc. is a BC based, award-winning licensed cannabis producer and owner of the Lotus Cannabis Co. consumer brand. Lotus grows exclusive and rare strains like the Joker Juice and Keylime Kush which is carried in over 300 retail locations across BC and Ontario.