Liberty Health Sciences Enters Exclusive Partnership With AdaViv To Develop New AI-Driven Analytics

Published: September 13, 2018

Liberty Health Sciences Enters Exclusive Partnership With AdaViv To Develop New AI-Driven Analytics

Liberty Health Sciences Inc., a provider of trusted, high quality cannabis experiences, have entered an exclusive partnership with AdaViv Inc., a hardware-enabled, predictive agriculture company, to improve production of cannabis at its Liberty Health Sciences 360 Innovation Campus in Gainesville, FL.

AdaViv will integrate its adaptive Computer Vision software and Machine Learning platform into Liberty’s 360 Innovation Campus and, together, will look to push the state-of-the-art in greenhouse technology and precision growing to new levels of productivity and efficiency.

AdaViv’s technology enables 24/7 plant-level inspection as well as AI computer vision to uncover hidden plant biometrics that translates data into actionable insights for growers like Liberty. Founded by an interdisciplinary team of MIT researchers and alumni, AdaViv is led by Dr. Ian Seiferling (CEO), Julian Ortiz (COO, MBA MIT Sloan ’19) and Dr. Thomas Matarazzo (CTO). AdaViv emerged from MIT Delta V, the capstone entrepreneurship accelerator at MIT, and the MIT DesignX accelerator. In 2018, AdaViv was selected as one of the first grantees of Microsoft AI for Earth.

“This partnership demonstrates Liberty’s commitment for being a cutting-edge company that consistently looks for new ways to advance common practices through data and technology,” said George Scorsis, CEO of Liberty Health Sciences. “Working together, we hope to refine AdaViv’s game changing data capture and growth analytics technology to help us achieve the highest quality, consistency and yield for our crops, as well as monitor our plants in ways that our eyes never could. AdaViv will provide us with actionable knowledge, backed by real-time data. This will not only increase our output, but it will also boost our quality in a data driven format.”

The partnership also calls for AdaViv and Liberty to co-develop a set of data driven solutions and areas of improvements in the current production workflow, leveraging AdaViv’s sensing, data capturing and predictive analytics technology. In total, the AdaViv platform will soon have access to over 250,000 square feet of Liberty greenhouse facility space.

“We take cultivation seriously and through the implementation of AdaViv we will have the necessary information to greatly improve our cultivation output,” said Scorsis. “This will ultimately validate that we have a world class cultivation process at the center of our operation.”