Leaf Infusions 15,000 Sq. Ft. Cannabis Co-Packing Facility for "White Label Products" in Metro Vancouver

Published: May 20, 2021

Leaf Infusions 15,000 Sq. Ft. Cannabis Co-Packing Facility for

Leaf Infusions Inc. (‘Leaf Infusions’ or ‘the Company’) has begun the construction process of its 15,000 square foot facility in New Westminster, British Columbia. Leaf Infusions provides ‘white-label’, that is, turn-key cannabis co-packing solely focused upon formulation, testing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. This facilitates any brand to participate in the cannabis market with minimal exposure to risk.

Leaf Infusions expects to be operational in 2021 with a Health Canada Standard Processing license and Cannabis Research license (to conduct human administration trials for sensory evaluation) in process. In March 2021, the Company received full City of New Westminster approval (re-zoning to permit cannabis production) and in May 2021 all required construction permits.

Upon commercialization, Leaf Infusions will seek approval (Health Canada Sales License) for their already developed products, namely, 7 product categories, over 50 form factors and 200+ formulations. The knowledge for these has been leveraged through shared expertise with Qualis Standard, an established successful operation in the United States. These products will be made available ‘a-la-carte’ for white-label should client/partners not have their own product innovations.

“We are hearing from LP’s, Processors, Micro-Producers and major brands, that there are key gaps in the Cannabis value chain (Western Canada) as relates to turn-key cannabis co-packing. A facility that is strategically located within Metro Vancouver is particularly desirable, especially when the operation is focused upon one business model. Our model will allow our partners to selectively and cost efficiently use Leaf Infusions services without being forced to use bundled vertically integrated services,” said Braeden Calyniuk, Co-Founder of Leaf Infusions.  Additionally, “with the announcement of the Cannabis flow-through distribution programs, we will be able to provide branded products for micro-producers and retail outlets (evolving from a store to a brand). These products can be produced at lower costs through our flexible model thus allowing ‘micros and retailers’ to become price leaders in the marketplace and pass along savings to customers.”

Alex Taracki, Founder & CEO of Qualis Standard, added, “We are excited to work with Leaf Infusions in a very tight, strategic relationship, bringing our years of technical knowhow, developed products and successes operating in the United States in an effort to help rapidly streamline commercialization and operations with cGMP certification in Canada.  Having our respective companies tightly aligned, we are poised to see significant growth opportunities for our clients within the North America marketplace. Additionally, the corporate growth outlook looks tremendous given what others in the industry are pursuing with a ‘North/South’ strategy.”

About Leaf Infusions Inc.

Leaf Infusions offers a turn-key manufacturing and distribution platform focused on cannabis infused products allowing any brand to participate in the market with limited exposure to risk. The platform includes THC and CBD formulation, infusion, product manufacturing, inventory and distribution under Canada’s robust cannabis regulatory regime. Leaf Infusions Inc. is a privately held company headquartered and operating in the Metro Vancouver area. The 15,000 sq. ft. facility, being built to cGMP standards, is located approximately 25 minutes from Downtown Vancouver.

About Qualis Standard LLC
Qualis Standard, a privately held company, has built out two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States.  A 75,000 sq. ft. cannabinoid extraction and refinement processing facility at the heart of the hemp farms, in Jackson, Tennessee that processes up to 10 tons of biomass per day.  Qualis Standard also has a 25,000 sq. ft. finished cannabis infused product manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada that has developed over 7 product categories, 50 form factors and 200+ formulations. Both facilities are operating under cGMP guidelines.

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