Khiron Presents Its First Research Study with 1,400 patients

Published: October 11, 2021

Khiron Presents Its First Research Study with 1,400 patients

Khiron Life Sciences Corp., a vertically integrated international cannabis leader with core operations in Latin America and Europe, is pleased to announce that the Company presented results from its first research study including 1,453 patients from Khiron-owned Zerenia Clinics at the 29th International Pain Conference in Barranquilla, Colombia, organized by ACED, the Colombian chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).

The study, entitled “Prescription patterns and clinical outcomes in a cohort of patients receiving progressive therapy with cannabinoids for medical use in Colombia“, is a longitudinal, retrospective cohort study including 1,453 patients receiving treatment with medical cannabis at Khiron-owned clinics in Colombia, Zerenia and ILANS. The scope of research was to capture patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS) and patient-reported experience measures (PREMS) of general efficacy, adherence, and side effects of oral formulations ranging in cannabinoid content for the treatment of different health conditions with a diverse patient base over a twelve-month period.

The research protocol was reviewed and approved by the Scientific Institutional Committee and the Research Ethical Committee of the Universidad del Bosque, in Colombia, one of the leading institutions on medical research in the region.

Demographic results reported most patients were female (73%) with and average age of 59.3 years old, which is in strong contrast with results arising from Project T21, the UK’s first medical cannabis registry Khiron Life Sciences has been supporting since its foundation in 2019. Patients in the study were mainly diagnosed with chronic, non-cancer pain (77%), followed by nausea and vomiting (8%), insomnia (6%), anxiety (5%), spasticity and depression, among others and up to 68 % of patients had their medical cannabis prescription cost covered by the Social Security in Colombia. Study results show a patient-reported positive clinic response in more than 80% of participants with only minor side-effects associated to the treatment.

“Scientific research and data are key to convincing doctors and policy makers all over the world about the benefits of medical cannabis to treat conditions that are prevalent in every society and market we are targeting. After one year of compiling information and having gone through a very detailed approval process, we are very proud to share the results from this first-of-its-kind clinical study in Latin America with such a significant patient base. This is just the beginning of our ongoing research program. We are looking forward to sharing the outcomes of this first cohort study with the international medical audience through peer-reviewed, specialized publications so doctors all over the world can continue to drive prescription growth safely and responsibly,” commented Alvaro Torres, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company.

About Khiron Life Sciences Corp.
Khiron is a leading vertically integrated international medical cannabis company with core operations in Latin America and Europe. Leveraging wholly-owned medical health clinics and proprietary telemedicine platforms, Khiron combines a patient-oriented approach, physician education programs, scientific expertise, product innovation, and agricultural infrastructure to drive prescriptions and brand loyalty with patients worldwide. The Company has a sales presence in ColombiaPeruGermany, UK, and Brazil and is positioned to commence sales in Mexico. The Company is led by Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alvaro Torres, together with an experienced and diverse executive team and Board of Directors.

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