Jima Cannabis Opens Their First Location in Abbotsford

Published: June 30, 2021

Jima Cannabis Opens Their First Location in Abbotsford

Jima Cannabis is opening its doors in Abbotsford this weekend, making them one of only four cannabis retailers that will operate in the city. Jima is a BC-based recreational cannabis brand focused on quality local products and exceptional customer experience.

“We understand the responsibility we have as one of only 4 retail cannabis options in the city and we let that inform our customer service model. We will listen to our customers and curate our product line to their needs. Feedback from our customer base is what drives our business,” says Sherman Leung, head of retail operations.

Jima has invested in staff training with the assistance of best in class training companies to ensure that everyone, from seasoned stoners to curious newcomers, feels welcome. Their staff also work with top-tier licensed cannabis producers to develop the product knowledge they need to provide personalized service to every customer.

While Jima has plans to open eight stores across BC before the new year, they care about the communities they’re in, hiring local staff from their store manager Toby Atkinson to their Team Leads and part time budtenders.

Head to the Grand Opening July 1st to see the beautiful new space and meet Jima’s team of friendly budtenders. They’ll guide you through the selection of fresh licensed products and answer any questions you may have about recreational cannabis. Make sure to stop by for fun surprises and more. As a locally-conscious BC-based company, Jima prides itself on providing a healthy stock of locally grown and small batch cannabis options. They’ve also created an ongoing outreach program that allows community artists to submit paintings and photography that will be displayed in-store and available for purchase at a price set by the artist.

“We want to get to know the communities we’re a part of and find ways to give back. If we can use our storefront to support local artists we’re more than happy to do it.” – Jeff Prete, president/general manager

In fact, Jima Cannabis is about a lot more than just weed. You can follow them on InstagramFacebookTwitterSpotify, or TikTok and get to know Jima culture through movies, music, comedy, and more.