Island Canna and BZAM Cannabis Launch Limited Edition FRESH Alien Jelly

Published: July 8, 2022

Island Canna and BZAM Cannabis Launch Limited Edition FRESH Alien Jelly

Reports indicate FRESH Alien Jelly has touched down in British Columbia, ready to stun craft seekers with its extra-large, extra-frosty buds produced in small batches by an artisanal grower on Vancouver Island.

The latest limited-edition release from the father of the BC God Bud strain, Traviss Graham, and his team at FRESH, Alien Jelly came to life after a successful pheno-hunt produced extra-large, purple-tinged buds so frosty they were almost dripping. Now, this exclusive in-house cross of Alien Cookies and Jelly Donut is on its way to craft cannabis fans, ready to express its sweet, vanilla, citrus and sour flavour profile and high potency coming in at 24-28% THC.

“Frosty” means the bud is covered in trichomes, which are tiny appendages that give the plant a crystal-like sheen. They contain the cannabinoids responsible for the psychoactive properties of cannabis. Frostiness is just one of the goals of craft cultivation at FRESH, where the flower is processed by hand, including hang drying, hand trimming and curing to develop its terpene-rich flavour and preserve its high potency.

“The pheno we chose really expresses the aroma of Jelly Donut, and the incredibly large bud structure from our Alien Cookies line,” says Graham, VP of Cultivation at FRESH. “It fills the whole facility with a sweet aroma.”

Alien Jelly is the first product from FRESH under the brand’s new partnership with BZAM Cannabis, which allows Graham and his team to focus on genetic development and craft cultivation, supported by BZAM’s marketing, sales and distribution expertise. Through this partnership, FRESH will release a new limited-edition cultivar only a few times a year, taking extra time to perfect the flavour, potency and frostiness of each special product.

FRESH Alien Jelly is available in BC in 3.5g, signature grey Pantone 420C packages.

FRESH is the house brand of Island Canna, a licensed cultivator located on Vancouver Island. Our grow team focuses on genetic discovery, new strain development and an artisanal approach to cultivation and small batch production where each bud is processed by hand, hang dried, hand trimmed and cured to ensure optimal terpene levels, moisture, flavour and freshness. Learn more at

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