Invictus Update on PODA - World’s First Truly Zero-Cleaning Vaporizer

Published: May 15, 2018

Invictus Update on PODA - World’s First Truly Zero-Cleaning Vaporizer

Invictus MD Strategies Corp. announced the summer 2018 launch of Poda – the world’s first zero-cleaning vaporizer system. Poda is an innovative technology that can be used to vaporize almost any vaporizable substance, including cannabis, tobacco, e-liquids, concentrates, coffee and more. The revolutionary technology stands apart from previous generations of vaporizers, most of which require cleaning and can only be used effectively for one type of substance.


“The vaporizer market today is saturated with devices that generally do the same thing — they vaporize cannabis or tobacco, and each device is meant for different substances. But the Poda truly is the next generation of vaporizer, the first with zero-cleaning and also the ability to be used for multiple purposes,” said Invictus Founder and CEO Dan Kriznic. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our proprietary Poda pods as a completely biodegradable product. Additionally, the upcoming smartphone-enabled devices can automatically set precise temperature profiles for each pod, delivering a safe and effective vaporizing experience.”


Poda vaporizers utilize pre-filled pods which provide consumers with economical convenience and consistent performance. Other pod-based vaporizers currently on the market still require cleaning and do not use biodegradable pods, meaning every pod is either difficult to recycle or becomes trash in a landfill. Not only is Poda zero-cleaning, Poda pods are available in completely biodegradable options.


Poda, designed using industry-leading technology and medical-grade components, will launch a number of device models across a variety of price points. Some devices will have the ability to connect to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth, providing granular control of temperature and a wealth of pod-specific information. Different substances, like cannabis and tobacco, can demand different temperatures to achieve desirable vapor for inhalation. Poda smart devices can detect the proper settings for each pod and can automatically adjust the temperature to achieve optimal vaping. Alternatively, consumers will be able to design their own temperature profiles and customize a wide range of other operational parameters. Poda devices with smartphone-enabled technology are set to be released later in 2018 after the initial Poda devices (without smartphone connectivity) enter the market.

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