Inagene Diagnostics Inc. Provides Personalized Medicine with Genetic Guidance to Medical Cannabis Users

Published: November 25, 2021

Inagene Diagnostics Inc. Provides Personalized Medicine with Genetic Guidance to Medical Cannabis Users

Since cannabis legalization in 2018, interest in its medical application has been skyrocketing. Canadian consumers and health care providers seek guidance to ensure cannabis products are not only safe but provide the desired clinical effect. Recognizing the important role genetics play in how individuals respond to cannabis products, Inagene Diagnostics is committed to supporting the advancement of the science and has launched a genetic test that supports the personalization of cannabis treatment. The comprehensive test, which predicts an individual’s response to cannabis products based on their unique genetic profile, is included in their pharmacogenetic test for Pain and Mental Health.

Though cannabis is broadly used to treat multiple medical conditions, much is still unknown about how to optimize its use, and there are wide variations in responses to cannabis products between individuals. While evidence is accumulating, there remains a compelling need for guidance on how best to leverage cannabis for treatment success. Inagene’s test allows Canadians to access insights that will assist them and their healthcare providers in determining whether cannabis may be a good option and, if so, which strain, dose, and route of administration may produce the best therapeutic response. “Inagene provides a simple DNA swab test that unlocks a wealth of information for those looking to make better decisions about their health. Relative to the other pharmacogenetic tests, Inagene’s results are easy to understand and actionable,” says David Berg, President and Chief Technical Officer, Strainprint.

The cheek swab test kit is ordered online and mailed to Inagene’s Toronto laboratory, with results delivered in as few as 7 days via the company’s secure online portal. The easy-to-understand report details predicted responses to over 140 drugs, including preliminary data recommendations on cannabis, CBD, THC and synthetic prescription cannabinoids.

Many cannabis users are also users of conventional medications, and cannabis products can interact with other drugs, rendering them less effective or producing unexpected side effects, all of which can be driven by an individual’s genetic profile. In addition to insights to guide selection of cannabis product and dose, the report includes preliminary data that may help predict likelihood of psychosis, cognitive issues, risk of developing problematic use of cannabis, and other long-term complications that some individuals are more genetically prone to.

“People are overwhelmed when they see the cannabis product options available,” says Nancy White, CEO of Inagene, “… and health care professionals can only provide advice, such as starting low and going slow, or avoiding high doses of THC if they have anxiety. Many may have tried cannabis in the past and abandoned it if they didn’t get the effect they were expecting, when they may have simply needed a different dose or different ratio of CBD to THC.” “The addition of Inagene’s PGx cannabis test supports our ability to provide evidence-based cannabis recommendations, allowing for a truly personalized and holistic wellness plan,” says Anushya Vijayaraghevan, Pharmacist and Co-Founder, Apothecare Chemists Inc. Without this type of tailored information, people may rely on friends’ opinions, or Google searches to provide them with the information they’re looking for and this is not always reliable.

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Inagene™ Diagnostics Inc. is a CLIA accredited Canadian pharmacogenetic testing company located in Toronto. Inagene’s Personalized Insights™ tests focus on providing comprehensive and reliable genetic tests to guide drug selection and treatment. Learn more at

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Founded in Toronto in 2016, Strainprint Technologies Ltd. is the leading Real World Evidence cannabis data and analytics company. With the world’s largest longitudinal, observational data-set of its kind and a mission to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a mainstream therapy, Strainprint helps medical cannabis patients and doctors to use cannabis in the most effective and responsible way possible.

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