House of Brands Launches Lineup of Superior Quality Cannabis Products

Published: July 10, 2020

House of Brands Launches Lineup of Superior Quality Cannabis Products

Cannabis industry veterans Angelina Blessed, Dome Duong, and Riley Starr are proud to officially launch Gallery Brands. The house of brands founded by the experienced and trusted legacy market leaders will provide superior quality, precisely dosed, and expertly curated cannabis products to the Canadian market.

The team has worked coast-to-coast over 15 years collectively within the Canadian cannabis industry to develop products focused on quality and care. Under Gallery Brands, they are excited to bring their legacy market products to the regulated market. Navigating the world of cannabis can be overwhelming to the Canadian consumer, especially with the number of new brands popping up to ride the latest trend, only to disappear just as quickly.

With their experience, the Gallery team has simplified the process of discovery by ignoring the noise and focusing on their vast product and cannabis industry knowledge. Their carefully curated portfolio is geared towards a wide range of consumers, from the “canna-curious” testing the waters of the cannabis market for the first time to the seasoned connoisseur searching for fluent subject matter “OG” experts.

“For Blessed, our brand philosophy is simple and authentic to my own lifestyle as a competitive Muay Thai fighter and someone who has been consuming and creating my own cannabis products for years: Train. Treat. Repeat. As a competitive athlete, I am always focused on taking care of my body, which includes what I put in it. I care deeply about the quality of cannabis and products that myself and individuals are consuming and have available to them, and above and beyond the Blessed line of products, I am most excited about shedding light on the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis oil which has a wide range of benefits including healing properties and vitamins, both of which are essential during intense recovery,” said Angelina Blessed, Founder, Blessed.

“Bringing the Little Farma products to the regulated market has been a labour of love. We’ve been doing this for four years, and for the team, our passion lies in science, experimentation, and innovation. With this in mind, we’re able to come to the market with unique, premium, science and lab-backed formulations,” said Dome Duong, Co-founder, Little Farma.

“Cannabis, for me, has always been a way to experience a deeper appreciation of visual beauty and exceptional flavours. It just made sense to create a product line that engages the eyes and the palette on the same level. I’m thrilled to be able to bring my gourmet-inspired product line to those that are new to cannabis and looking for a safe starting point, as well as the seasoned cannabis connoisseur seeking the highest level of quality in their edibles,” said Riley Starr, Founder, Flir.

The three Gallery Brands Founders have also come together to formulate a fourth brand, Calla, which is the first of many in-house collaborations. Calla carries the triad’s combined 15 years of expertise and adoration for the plant. Aligned with Gallery Brands’ uncompromising commitment to quality, Calla offers the perfect blend for the perfect moment—Calla is cannabis for all.

The Gallery portfolio will include chocolates, oils, bottled tea, oil capsules, vape pens, gummies, and infused spring water. With legacy roots, Gallery Brands represents craftsmanship, culture, and curation. Whether consumers are looking for a pre-workout performance boost or post-workout recovery with Blessed, culinary decadence with flir, an adventure companion with Little Farma, or a perfect blend with Calla, Gallery Brands provides quality cannabis product options to Canadian consumers.

Gallery has vetted well-loved brands from coast to coast and brought them together under the Gallery Brands umbrella. By taking legacy market brands and bringing them to the mainstream, Gallery stands for progress without forgoing our Founders’ roots, quality without compromise, and a sense of luxury every step of the way. Gallery Brands is culture, craftsmanship, and curation at its finest. Founded by Angelina Blessed (Blessed), Dome Duong (Little Farma), and Riley Starr (flir), with all three coming together to form Calla, Gallery embraces the unique spirit of the legacy market and brings premium cannabis products under one roof to seamlessly optimize the experience of current and future cannabis consumers. For more information visit:

About Angelina Blessed: Founder, Blessed
Located in Toronto, Ontario, Angelina is the epitome of a pro athlete turned brand founder with a knack for precision. As a Muay Thai fighter who spent 15 years training and competing in Thailand and Canada and one of the first Canadian females to fight Muaythai in China, she understands firsthand the importance of proper recovery. Angelina noticed the market was lacking edibles with low or no sugar or keto options. She created Blessed for those who push their bodies to the max and crave a recovery process that isn’t processed. With products designed with the active in mind, the company is a reflection of her lifestyle. In her spare time, you’ll find her floating, running, getting tattooed, training, and helping her friends heal. You can find & follow Blessed on Instagram.

About Dome Duong, Founder: Little Farma
Located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Dome Duong is an entrepreneur, Chartered Professional Accountant, and fractional CFO to cannabis businesses. He’s been involved in the burgeoning cannabis industry since 2014, which led him to become one of the co-founders of Little Farma. His passion for the cannabis industry has also led him to co-found other Canadian and US-based cannabis businesses involved in cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. In his professional life, Dome is currently a partner and CFO of a boutique CPA accounting firm with a specialization in the cannabis industry. He regularly advises and consults with cannabis entrepreneurs, and from those experiences, he is publishing a book in 2020. Dome graduated from the University of Alberta School of Business in 2006 and received his Chartered Accountant designation shortly thereafter. He is also expected to complete his Queens EMBA by 2022. You can find & follow Little Farma on Instagram.

About Riley Star, Founder: Flir
A lifelong Montrealer, Riley got his start working summers as a bicycle mechanic in Mile-End. After completing his training as a carpenter, he spent his early twenties remodeling turn-of-the-century townhouses across the city. While he’s always made a living working with his hands, his passion has always been for food and drink — whether it’s tending a fragile sourdough culture, curing Parma ham, or brewing beer, a hobby that eventually became a nearly decade-long career managing production at several local brewpubs. His love of cannabis eventually brought that same sensibility to a craft that he saw struggling for culinary respectability. After training under an artisan chocolatier in Chambly, Quebec, and applying his palette for craft beverage to formulating infused sodas, he founded flir as a way to celebrate exceptional ingredients alongside the experience of cannabis edibles. You can find & follow flir on Instagram.

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