High Tea Cannabis Co. Announces 11 New Locations Across Ontario

Published: March 22, 2021

High Tea Cannabis Co. Announces 11 New Locations Across Ontario

Legal cannabis retailer, High Tea Cannabis Co., is thrilled to announce the establishment of 11 additional dispensaries across Ontario. Originally based in Brampton, the new stores will span across east and southwestern Ontario to cater to consumers across the province.

High Tea’s flagship store in Brampton opened earlier this year and has since been a great addition to Brampton and its surrounding communities. The company will open these new locations all by the fall of 2021, with 10 opening in May and June. Each retail location was strategically chosen through statistical analysis and market research. The carefully curated retail stores will be in LondonSt. ThomasKingsvilleHamiltonWindsor, Niagara, and Scarborough, to name a few.

“We are thrilled to be expanding so quickly in our first year open,” says Jefferson Huang, COO and VP of Growth. “We’ve had the opportunity to develop thanks to our phenomenal team and new partnerships. We hope to continue collaborating with investors and business owners to add another 15 stores in the next year.”

Their current retail space spans 3,600 square feet and is the largest dispensary in the province. Because of its capacity, it will be the centre for High Tea’s inventory, coordinating distribution to all its stores across the province. Following the pandemic, the company also plans to use the space as a hub for their community by hosting cannabis-related events and education seminars. Community is a foundational aspect of the High Tea brand which will be evident with each new location.

Since its grand opening earlier this year, the company has partnered with several local businesses, licensed cannabis producers, and investors to strengthen their brand and to scale the High Tea business. In addition, the company has rolled out a program that allows local partners to open dispensary locations under the High Tea brand.

Regarding partnerships, the Founder and CEO, Paul Joo, states, “We have been developing community partner relationships in various ways. Whether that’s partnering with a local pizza shop to support businesses in our community, a local investor who would like to be a part of the High Tea brand, or a commercial property owner who is interested in establishing a High Tea location—High Tea aims to bring the community together and allow them to be a part of our dispensary. This is something we aim to foster in each of our locations.”

High Tea Cannabis Co. is thankful for the continuous support from Brampton and its surrounding communities. The opening of 11 new locations will serve as a major milestone and the company looks forward to its future endeavors whilst extending their reach across the province.

For more information about the brand, locations, and investment or partnership opportunities, visit https://highteacann.com/.

High Tea Cannabis Co. is a legal cannabis retailer that aspires to provide a safe and uplifting experience through dedicated curation, innovative social concepts, and adaptive customer service.