Harvest One Expands Distribution for LivRelief Infused Topicals

Published: December 14, 2020

Harvest One Expands Distribution for LivRelief Infused Topicals

Harvest One Cannabis Inc., a uniquely positioned cannabis-infused CPG company, announced that, with the addition of its new provincial agreement with Cannabis New Brunswick, Harvest One has now expanded distribution of its LivRelief topicals across Canada.

LivRelief infused topical products were one of the first topicals to enter the Canadian market in March 2020 under the new Cannabis 2.0 legislation and have already firmly established themselves as key products in the category. LivRelief infused products are available nationally through Medical Cannabis by ShoppersTM as well as in six provinces, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and now in the growing New Brunswick market. Further provincial distribution agreements are expected shortly.

“The success of our LivRelief infused topicals validates the Company’s business model of acquiring established consumer brands aligned with the cannabis space and then releasing new infused products,” said Gord Davey, President and Interim CEO of Harvest One. “LivRelief is a well-established brand currently available within most major retail and pharmacy chains across Canada. With this success, we have leveraged its unique delivery system to develop a specific product offering for the Canadian cannabis 2.0 market. We strongly believe this product will not only drive growth for Harvest One in Canada but it will also be a desired product offering as we expand into new markets globally.”

LivRelief infused topicals are currently available in two formats, a CBD only formulation containing 250mgs of CBD and a 1:1 format formulation with 125mgs of THC and 125mgs of CBD. LivRelief creams are made using natural ingredients and contain our proprietary delivery system. The creams work by allowing the cannabinoids to reach specific targeted areas and are designed for deep penetration. The Company intends to bolster its position in Canada and elsewhere with additional line extensions and novel formats.

The Company also announced that it has granted an incentive stock option to Gord Davey, the new President and CEO of the Company to purchase up to 1,500,000 common shares at an exercise price of $0.075 per share for a period of five years following the grant date.

Harvest One is a global company that develops and distributes premium health, wellness and selfcare products with a market focus on sleep, pain, and anxiety. Harvest One is a uniquely positioned company in the cannabis space with a focus on cannabis-infused and non-infused consumer packaged goods.  Harvest One owns and operates three subsidiaries; Dream Water GlobalLivRelief (consumer) and Satipharm (medical and nutraceutical). For more information, please visit  www.harvestone.com.