Grow Up Announces Recipients of the Equity Grants Sponsored by OCS

Published: May 2, 2024

Grow Up Announces Recipients of the Equity Grants Sponsored by OCS

Grow Up is pleased to announce the recipients of the Grow Up Equity Grants, an initiative sponsored by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) to enhance the presence and participation of BIPOC-owned brands in the cannabis industry. After an open application process and a randomized selection to ensure fairness, eight deserving Ontario-based cannabis businesses have been chosen. These recipients represent a diverse and innovative cross-section of the industry, each bringing unique perspectives and products to the forefront.

2024 Equity Grant Recipients:
1.  ASPIRE Infusions Inc.
2.  GMLL Pharma Inc / Smokes
3.  Red Market Brand
4.  Ripe Flower
5.  Rosinstar Inc
6.  SESS Holdings
7.  TOQi Technologies Ltd.
8.  ufeelu

Grant Benefits:
Each will receive a 5′ x 10′ brand booth, a sampling add-on, electrical, participation in a Speed Networking session, and promotional support—totalling an approximate value of $4,200 each.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities at Grow Up’s Brands and Buyers Zone
In addition to celebrating our Equity Grant recipients, we are also thrilled to highlight the Brands and Buyers Zone presented by ND Supplies, at our upcoming tradeshow. This highlight of Grow Up Toronto aims to foster direct connections between innovative cannabis brands and top retail buyers. It’s designed to provide unprecedented access and promotional opportunities for brands to showcase their latest products and for buyers to discover new offerings in one dynamic space. The Brands and Buyers Zone is an essential stop for participants looking to expand their market reach and explore the latest trends in cannabis retail.

About the Selection Process
The selection process was carried out with transparency and a commitment to fairness. A randomized method was used to select the recipients, ensuring every applicant had an equal opportunity to be awarded, regardless of their size or previous industry connections. This approach highlights Grow Up’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the cannabis industry.

The Equity Grants and the Brands and Buyers Zone are part of Grow Up’s ongoing efforts to support underrepresented entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and to provide platforms that promotes  business growth and innovation.

Join Us in Toronto
We invite all industry stakeholders to join us at the upcoming Grow Up Conference, where they can interact with our grant recipients in the Brands and Buyers Zone, participate in networking events, and gain valuable insights into the future of cannabis. It’s an opportunity not only to celebrate diversity but also to engage with the forefront of industry innovation.

Looking Forward
Grow Up and OCS are excited to see the contributions these brands will bring to the upcoming tradeshow and the broader industry. We believe that supporting diversity not only enriches the cannabis industry but also fosters innovation and community growth.
For more information about the Grow Up Equity Grants and the upcoming tradeshow, please visit our website.

About Grow Up Conference & Expo
Established in 2017, Grow Up Conference & Expo has become a benchmark event in the Canadian cannabis industry, known for its high-profile speakers, diverse programming, and commitment to uniting forward-thinkers and experts. For more information, visit Grow Up Conference & Expo.