Grodan and F1SeedTech Collaborate to Conduct Groundbreaking Cannabis Cultivation Research at the CRIC Labs Facility in Montreal

Published: September 25, 2023

Grodan and F1SeedTech Collaborate to Conduct Groundbreaking Cannabis Cultivation Research at the CRIC Labs Facility in Montreal

 Grodan and F1SeedTech, two innovative players in the horticulture industry, have once again joined forces to conduct cannabis cultivation research at the CRIC Labs (CRIC) in Montreal. These new trials will build upon a collaborative study between the two companies conducted at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands, which yielded three exciting findings:

  1. The total production achieved with F1 hybrid seeds can reach 6 kg/m2 (570 g/ft2) of dried flower annually when extrapolated to 5.5 crop cycles per year.
  2. The flowers grown from F1 hybrid seeds had higher THC levels of 29%.
  3. There was greater consistency between production batches.

These findings suggest that a greater yield can be consistently achieved without the use of mother plants. As a result, growers who choose to use F1 seeds in Grodan stone wool could eliminate their mother rooms, creating more productive growing spaces and reducing human error in the cutting process.

The trials at CRIC began in August 2023 and will run for one year. During this time, Grodan and F1SeedTech will conduct five cultivation experiments at CRIC to investigate the benefits of Grodan growing media in combination with F1 hybrid seeds. Different agronomic treatments will be explored, including lighting, irrigation, and climate management strategies. The results will provide insights into the optimum cultivation conditions, flower yields, and baseline cost benefits. Several events are planned for 2024 with the specific aim of transferring this knowledge to stakeholders; details will be announced.

“Grodan understands that production economics are top of mind for all producers,” said Frank Janssen, Research & Project Management at Grodan. “That’s why we are going to continue building on our previous findings that led to higher yields with higher THC levels, ultimately increasing the gross margin in cannabis cultivation by a minimum of 15%. We are confident that these new trials will not only support our previous findings but also reveal new ways to improve cultivation practices, ultimately enhancing our customers’ bottom lines by increasing efficiency and profitability.”

“Collaborating with the right partner can take research to new heights, and we at F1 SeedTech are excited to continue this journey with Grodan. After conducting multiple successful trials in Europe using Grodan’s stone wool growing media and F1 hybrids of F1 SeedTech, we realized the importance of being closer to North American cannabis growers. Therefore, this facility will serve as a showcase for the Canadian market,” said Maikel de Bresser, COO of F1 SeedTech.

“At CRIC, we understand the importance of groundbreaking research. We are excited to host trials that support innovative products like those being showcased by Grodan and F1SeedTech. The findings of these trials will be backed by scientific data from our state-of-the-art facility, providing additional peace of mind to producers when choosing Grodan and F1Seedtech products,” said Simon Charette, COO of CRIC.

About Grodan
Grodan has more than 50 years of cultivation excellence. We pioneered the development of hydroponic growing methods in the 1960s, and today, our Precision Growing methods and Crop Steering advice are used in large-scale commercial greenhouses and indoor facilities in over 70 countries across the globe. Grodan’s extensive range of high-quality stone wool products has been scientifically designed to consistently deliver higher yields and improved quality while using less water and nutrients throughout the entire crop cycle. Visit for more information.

About F1 SeedTech
F1SeedTech is the leading breeder of F1 hybrid Cannabis seeds both auto-flowering varieties and photosensitive varieties. Our technology is rooted in the know-how of Oregon-based NewBreedSeed, founded in 2016 and acquired in 2021, and in the know-how of Israel-based Cannabis contract breeder RCK. We have a molecular biotech cooperation with Wageningen-based company Genetwister Technologies and a cooperation with Leiden University on the development of polyploidy (tetra and triploids). Our pipeline is focused on trait development from PM mildew resistance to aroma traits. F1SeedTech is the Powerhouse in Cannabis F1 hybrid seed breeding, the new generation of starting material in the Cannabis industry.

About CRIC Labs
CRIC is a leading research infrastructure and data services company. We offer access to state-of-the-art laboratory space and technical services to support innovative agriculture projects. At CRIC, we enable companies to develop new agricultural products faster and more efficiently by streamlining the research process and providing reliable and accurate data.