Greenway Signs Supply Agreement with Agro-Greens

Published: August 24, 2021

Greenway Signs Supply Agreement with Agro-Greens

Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation, a cultivator of high quality greenhouse cannabis through lean, high-margin cultivation methods for the Canadian market, is pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd., whereby Greenway will supply 200kg of cannabis biomass per month as inputs to support the Shelter Wildlife Preroll brand across Canada and through Shelter Market.

“This marks the first, and most important, purchase order for Greenway cannabis products,” says Jamie D’Alimonte, CEO and Co-Chair of Greenway. “The entire team is proud and happy that it is an agreement with Shelter and their stellar reputation in the medical market.”

The agreement between Greenway, and Agro-Greens and Shelter, offers Canadian cannabis consumers access to the as of yet unavailable cultivars Sun County Kush and BlackBerry Gelato #8. Shelter provides medical cannabis patients access to a broad range of products and Greenway is pleased to finally provide their high-quality cultivars through a trusted and convenient source.

“We are excited to partner with Greenway to supply inputs for our Wildlife brand of pre-rolls. The Greenway team has the expertise and experience required to provide inputs that can meet the quality and potency standards that we require to support Wildlife and we are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership” says David Purcell, Chief Commercial Officer at Shelter.

About Shelter Market
Shelter Market is a cannabis e-commerce platform dedicated to providing top quality cannabis to Canadian medical consumers at affordable pricing. Operated by Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd., Shelter Market is leading the industry as a trusted source for medical patients, with exclusive access to small-batch craft cannabis products, a wide-array of products, and unparalleled Client Care. Patients registered with Shelter Market gain access to diverse product offerings and formats sourced from the best standard and craft producers in the country, at pricing at or below the Adult-use market.

About Agro-Greens
Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. is family-run Health Canada licensed producer based in Macklin, Saskatchewan, dedicated to providing wholesale cannabis products that are natural, consistent, and effective. It utilizes state-of-the-art processing and packaging technology to supply to medical patients through Shelter Market, for those seeking a natural and holistic alternative for their health concerns.

About Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation
Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation (“Greenway”) is a federally licensed cultivator for the Canadian cannabis marketplace. Greenway is headquartered in Kingsville, Ontario, and leverages its agriculture and cannabis expertise in its aspiration to be a leading cannabis cultivator in Canada. Updates can be followed on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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