Greenline POS Announces Live Menu Integration with Weedmaps

Published: September 9, 2021

Greenline POS Announces Live Menu Integration with Weedmaps

Greenline POSCanada’s fully-compliant cannabis retail point-of-sale (POS) software, today announced a live menu integration with Weedmaps, a leading online listings marketplace for cannabis consumers and businesses.

Greenline’s live menu integration will enable clients’ product menus to be updated in real time on Weedmaps, eliminating pain points experienced with having to update multiple menus across platforms and resulting in a more seamless customer experience. To ensure that customers have the most up-to-date information, clients’ POS menus will regularly be scanned to check for any recent changes. If any changes are detected, their Weedmaps menu will automatically be updated to be in sync with their POS menu.

“It is critical for cannabis retailers to have a wide-reaching digital presence to provide the best possible consumer experience.” says Albert Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Greenline POS. “We’re excited to work with Weedmaps to provide online menu functionality for all of our customers.”

The integration will always be working in the background, but businesses will still have the capability to update their Weedmaps menu from the Weedmaps platform, allowing businesses to customize promotions and offerings for each platform. As well as managing menus, this integration will enable cannabis retailers to search brand catalogues and adjust pricing, product information, and product availability in real time.

“Inventory and menu management is a challenging task in the cannabis industry. Today’s cannabis retailers must provide accurate product and pricing information, in real time for hundreds, if not thousands of menu items across multiple channels,” says Justin Dean, Chief Technology Officer at Weedmaps. “By integrating Greenline technology with Weedmaps, our clients are able to optimize their inventory, provide a better customer experience, and allocate the time previously used for updating menus to growing their businesses.”

To learn more, retailers can schedule a demo with Greenline here: or reach out to Weedmaps here:

About Greenline
Greenline POS is a compliant and scalable Canadian cannabis retail infrastructure provider, powering licensed cannabis retail operations across Canada with everything from in-store point-of-sale to online e-commerce and features a strong marketplace of app integrations. Greenline, headquartered in Vancouver, BCCanada, is a fully-remote business. Visit us at

About Weedmaps
Weedmaps is a leading online marketplace for cannabis users and businesses, operated by WM Technology, Inc.  WM Technology, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: MAPS) mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy. Now in its second decade, WM Technology has been a driving force behind much of the legislative change we’ve seen in the past 10 years.

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