GreenBroz Unveils the Industry's Only Fully Automated Cannabis Trimming and Data Reporting System

Published: July 31, 2023

GreenBroz Unveils the Industry's Only Fully Automated Cannabis Trimming and Data Reporting System

GreenBroz Inc., a pioneer in post-harvest cannabis processing technology, proudly unveils the latest enhancement to its revolutionary M+ Trimming System – the world’s first fully automated cannabis trimmer with advanced data reporting capabilities. Building upon its reputation as the leader in automation, the M+ System now empowers cultivators with valuable data, enabling insights, precise tracking, and enhanced control over their trimming operations.

The M+ Trimming System, already acclaimed in the industry, now boasts the capability to load, cycle, and unload itself, optimizing the entire trimming process. With the introduction of data reporting, GreenBroz elevates the M+ System that will further streamline the growers work and use data to make better decisions and products.

“Our M+ is the first and only fully automatic trimmer, working autonomously from start to finish and provides data reporting on key metrics such as trim to flower percentage, total trim production, trim time, and total trimmed flower production.” said Cullen Raichart, Founder and CEO of GreenBroz.

“We believe that automation and data-driven insights are the way forward, and this is a game-changer that will support our clients as they develop procedures and processes based information and  analytics.”

The M+ has been studiously designed to meet the demands of modern cannabis and hemp cultivators. By combining intelligent controls to automate the movement of cannabis through the machine with comprehensive data tracking, it allows cultivators to:

  • Streamline the trimming process with true hands-free operation, eliminating touchpoints.
  • Adjust the trim to flower ratio in real-time for consistent and quality products.
  • Review total trim production records and plan for future demand and waste reduction.
  • Measure trim time and enhance efficiency without compromising product integrity.
  • Analyze total trimmed flower production for informed decisions and business growth.

For an enhanced experience, GreenBroz M+ reporting can be shared easily via email notifications, database entries, and central control station updates, providing users with convenient access to critical data in their preferred format.

“GreenBroz has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in cannabis processing technology,” said Eric Spendlove, GreenBroz Lead Engineer. “With the latest enhancement of data reporting for the M+ Trimming System, we strive to provide cultivators with the essential tools, providing them with data-driven insights for greater control and efficiency.”

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