GreenBroz Inc. Showcases New Cannabis Post-Harvest Processing Technology at MJBizCon Innovation Booth in Las Vegas

Published: October 28, 2021

GreenBroz Inc. Showcases New Cannabis Post-Harvest Processing Technology at MJBizCon Innovation Booth in Las Vegas

GreenBroz Inc., the leading-edge developer of cannabis post-harvest processing automation technology, kicked off MJBizCon 2021 with an all-new exhibit in the Central Hall at booth C6238, highlighting next-gen product innovations and design solutions from their in-house engineering team. Attendees had the opportunity to get a first look at the new patent-pending technological design advances up close, watch demos and schedule private consultations to learn more.

“GreenBroz is more than a company that manufactures equipment,” GreenBroz Mechanical Engineer Kevin Bower said. “We invest heavily in engineering innovation and are really an incubator for novel, future-oriented technology solutions. We are excited to be able to share what we have been working on and welcome the opportunity for in-person interaction and customer feedback.”

Exhibit highlights will include the GreenBroz Model G Grinder and the Model Z Belt Trimmer. Geared to the pre-roll market, the Model G Grinder features a first-of-its-kind system that employs a non-destructive milling action and built-in stem-screening technology that for the first time allows for the elimination of stems while preserving valuable trichomes, enhancing quality significantly. This low-velocity, low-torque, low-decibel machine is a game changer that delivers particle size control with zero vibration.

“The machine gets the perfect grind every time and will by far be the best and most advanced grinder on the market,” said Jonah Carrington, GM of Humboldt Operations, Cookies.

The Model Z Belt Trimmer is an industry first, offering high throughput while maintaining impeccable quality of the end product. With the capability to process 100+ pounds per hour, it combines the throughput efficiency of typical barrel trimmers with the quality generated by the traditional GreenBroz Dry Trimmer, making it like nothing else on the market today.

The machine’s unique, patent-pending serpentine blade action optimizes the amount of time the product is in contact with the blades, meaning only one pass is needed to fully trim cannabis or hemp. Fin angles are fully adjustable as is the speed of the blades, allowing for strain-specific settings. Unlike other machines, all excess trim generated by the Model Z is suitable for secondary processing, leading to less raw material loss and increased profits.

In addition to the innovation booth, GreenBroz had their N-Line System on display in the North Hall at Booth N3034.

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