Green Relief Welcomes John Durfy as Interim CEO

Published: January 9, 2019

Green Relief Welcomes John Durfy as Interim CEO

Green Relief Inc. announced that current CEO and co-founder of Green Relief, Warren Bravo, will be stepping down and replacing John Durfy as interim CEO. Green Relief anticipates a brief transitional period of approximately one month, during which Mr. Durfy will be debriefed on current operations and updated on the continuity of Green Relief.

“I’m excited to welcome Mr. Durfy as our interim CEO. His exceptional abilities in Finance and the Public Market space will surely be an amazing asset and addition to our already well-rounded management team, ” said Bravo. “I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve accomplished here at Green Relief, building a team that is second to none in this industry. I feel that, with our exponential growth and financial focus as we enter the public markets, the growth has exceeded my capacity in taking our company to the next level.”

As a co-founder, Bravo will continue to play an integral role within the organization as Director of Operations & Business Development to assist in expanding Green Relief’s global opportunities.

“My true strength lies in ensuring our sustainable aquaponics growing methods advance in this new and exciting industry,” said Bravo, “with a focus on continuing to explore the true medicinal value of medical cannabis as an effective solution for our clients’ needs while bringing value to our investor community.”