Good Supply Expands Product Portfolio With the Introduction of Hash, Wax, and Kief

Published: April 30, 2021

Good Supply Expands Product Portfolio With the Introduction of Hash, Wax, and Kief

Aphria Inc., a global cannabis-lifestyle consumer packaged goods company, today announced that it has entered the concentrates category under the Good Supply brand with the introduction of hash, wax, and kief.

Good Supply excels in high THC products across the largest categories in cannabis – flower, vapes, and oils – and is building off this momentum by expanding into concentrates with hash, wax and kief products. Good Supply’s concentrates offer a range of formats, which provide multiple consumption experiences and potency levels. Each Good Supply concentrate follows an individual extraction process to unlock the potential of the cannabis plant, resulting in different terpene profiles and levels of THC.

“We are strategically expanding our portfolio by developing our flower into new formats. Concentrates is an exciting category that is still maturing in Canada and presents a great opportunity to offer variety to consumers,” said Irwin D. Simon, Chief Executive Officer of Aphria. “We are proud of the quality that goes into Good Supply’s hash, wax and kief, which Canadians can enjoy at a price point they expect.”

Good Supply concentrates are a natural extension of the brand, delivering on quality in three unique, complex new formats that are high potency and high value.

Good Ol’ Hash
As the first brand from Aphria’s portfolio to launch a hash product, Good Supply’s Good Ol’ Hash is a high potency (35% THC1) solventless concentrate, developed from a blend of Good Supply strains and available in select Canadian markets in a 2-gram format. Hash is currently the single largest format in the concentrate’s category, with four out of the top five concentrates in Ontario being hash products2.

Good Supply Wax
Good Supply Wax is available in select markets under the Grower’s Choice (ON)/Dealer’s Pick name. Hydrocarbon extraction is used as a solvent to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from whole flower, resulting in a smooth wax texture. Grower’s Choice (ON)/Dealer’s Pick is currently produced using a single-strain input, White Rhino, and has a potency of 78% THC with aromas of citrus, berry and pine.

Good Supply Kief
Offered in two of its best-selling strains, Jean Guy and Sour Kush, Good Supply Kief is now available nationally (except Quebec) in 1-gram units. Consisting of terpene and cannabinoid-rich trichomes, Good Supply Kief can be used in conjunction with flower to increase potency. For more information, visit:

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