Geyser Brands Inc. Appoints Data-Driven Agency for Geyser and Subsidiaries' Brand Strategy, Growth, and Marketing

Published: April 11, 2019

Geyser Brands Inc. Appoints Data-Driven Agency for Geyser and Subsidiaries' Brand Strategy, Growth, and Marketing

Geyser Brands Inc announces GetFresh Ventures as its strategic partner for both the Company and its subsidiaries effective immediately. GetFresh Ventures provides strategic data-driven growth advisory through its combined Agency and Consultancy model, marrying deep industry knowledge and experience with leading digital and creative capabilities. This includes crafting corporate strategy, financial modeling and forecasting, building technology roadmaps to support business operations, and digital marketing.

Brands are so focused on designing and manufacturing new products that they generally postpone the hard work of growing their market share until too late in the game1. In the last 10 years in the Consumer-Packaged Goods space alone, 64% of brands failed due to growth and marketing challenges2, leading to $5 billion in investment losses and $50 billion in potential return losses3. With so many emerging and incumbent brands in the market, brand owners need to balance their focus on growing the bottom line with building a robust brand identity and strategy that are vital to differentiation.

By teaming with GetFresh Ventures, the Company and its subsidiaries intend to capitalize on the innovative design and manufacturing of new hemp and proposed CBD products to meet the growing demands and preferences of the global market, which is expected to reach $22 billion USD by 2022 in USA alone4. GetFresh Ventures specialty – designing and executing data-driven strategies, technology roadmaps, and digital marketing campaigns – will support and guide product development through customer feedback loops across all channels.

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs and veterans of high-tech SaaS and consumer healthcare companies, including Hootsuite, Accenture, Factors Group, Vision Critical and PayByPhone, GetFresh Ventures provides a multi-faceted growth platform that empowers direct to consumer brands to increase their market share, and in turn increase their valuation. GetFresh Ventures delivers its services using a holistic, purpose-driven model incorporating an integrated human and business growth engine, a problem-based strategy, and a data-driven mindset. Its team of growth experts was chosen for notable experience in building cannabis brands, with an emphasis on wellness-focused CPG and natural health products and the direct-to-consumer experience.

“The GetFresh Ventures team, led by Diraj Goel, are market leaders in business growth strategies,” commented Andreas Thatcher, CEO of the Company. “Their data-driven direct-to-consumer approach provides us with product and consumer insights that will be key to our success. Our aligned focus on purpose-led companies will help us develop the most loved consumer brands in the health-related cannabis space.”

“We’re thrilled to start working with Geyser Brands” said Diraj Goel, CEO of GetFresh Ventures. “We both have a shared vision and purpose for plant-based products that empower individuals in their pursuit of their best selves. Their innovative and visionary approach to product formulations and customer centric design will be the north star of our partnership.”