Gabriella's Kitchen Engages CFN Media Group to Develop New Investor Audience

Published: October 22, 2018

Gabriella's Kitchen Engages CFN Media Group to Develop New Investor Audience

Gabriella’s Kitchen Inc., an innovative and leading-edge cannabis wellness company, is pleased to announce that it has engaged CFN Media Group to conduct a three-month Investor Relations and Market Awareness Campaign.

CannabisFN is the leading creative agency and digital media network dedicated to providing news, information and thought leadership regarding the worldwide cannabis industry. CannabisFN is the digital media choice for emerging brands in the space, structured to help cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol) wellness businesses attract new potential investors, customers and capital while expanding visibility and market awareness. Since 2013, private and public cannabis and CBD companies across North America have relied on CannabisFN to help enhance growth and advance their success.

“GABY is excited to be working with CannabisFN as we continue to expand our product offering, market distribution capabilities and investor awareness efforts across North America,” said Margot Micallef, Founder & CEO of GABY. “Just as CannabisFN is the ‘go-to’ digital media expert for emerging cannabis brands, GABY’s goal is to be the ‘go-to’ thought leader globally for cannabis health and wellness. We look forward to broadening our reach with CannabisFN.”

Through the Campaign, GABY intends to leverage CannabisFN’s extensive reach across mainstream cannabis-focused investors and media throughout North America to help attract a larger audience and raise additional profile for the Company as well as for the soon-to-be-released film, Weed the People. Weed the People is an independent film by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein featuring Cannabis pioneer Mara Gordon, GABY’s Chief Research Officer and the founder of The Oil Plant (“TOP”) and the Aunt Zelda’s™ line of personal care products. Weed the People explores the important issue of utilizing cannabis to treat children with cancer and will be making its theatrical debut in the United States on October 26th and its Canadian debut on November 28th at the Globe Cinema in Calgary, Alberta during the Calgary Underground Film Festival (“CUFF”).