FSD Pharma Enters into Supply Agreement with Canntab Therapeutics and World Class Extractions on Organic Hemp Deal

Published: February 13, 2019

FSD Pharma Enters into Supply Agreement with Canntab Therapeutics and World Class Extractions on Organic Hemp Deal

FSD Pharma Inc., a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act, announced today that it has entered into a supply agreement with Canntab Therapeutics Ltd. and World Class Extractions Inc. to purchase hemp flower from Thomas Elcome. Pursuant to the agreement, the Purchasers have agreed to buy approximately 1,000 kg of the Supplier’s 2018 hemp crop at a purchase price of $100.00 per kg per 1% of CBD extracted from the flower.

Working alongside Canntab and World Class, FSD will extract CBD from the organic hemp obtained in the purchase order. The Purchasers will process the hemp flower into gel capsules and tablets at the FSD facility in Cobourg, Ontario. This facility is currently being transformed into a large hydroponic indoor cannabis production and processing facility, with multiple business units co-supporting each other and operating under a single roof to exploit economies of scale and operational efficiencies. The Purchasers are in the process of executing a second agreement with the Supplier for the right and option to purchase the Supplier’s entire 2019 hemp crop and beyond.

“We look forward to working with Canntab, World Class and Mr. Elcome to obtain and produce high-quality hemp and hemp derived products in this burgeoning market where the opportunity is sizable across North America,” said Dr Raza Bokhari, Executive Co-chairman & Interim CEO. “FSD recognizes the significant value and revenue potential that hemp holds in the cannabis industry and is confident in the excellence of Mr. Elcome’s product and the abilities of Canntab and World Class to produce.”

“This is an exciting industry where we see tremendous growth potential for our company and is a great opportunity for Canntab to begin processing at the FSD Facility. Our collaboration and profit sharing agreement signed in September provides us with up to 10,000 square feet of space at the facility to build, install and manufacture a suite of novel cannabis oral dose delivery platforms, including gel capsules and tablets, and other types of cannabis-based products, including sleep aids and pain relievers. This agreement allows our three complimentary companies to realize a common goal of creating value for our shareholders,” stated Mr. Jeffrey Renwick, Chief Executive Officer of Canntab.

Michael McCombie, CEO of World Class, added, “World Class expects to begin installing our patent-pending proprietary extraction technology at the FSD’s Cobourg facility following our imminent listing on the CSE. This agreement will provide us with significant raw hemp supply for processing CBD enriched oil and extracts, which will be available for sale by World Class and/or conversion to gel capsules and tablets by Canntab.”

“FSD, Canntab and World Class are ideal companies to make the most of the 1,000 kg of organic hemp crop produced at my farm in Rockwood, Ontario,” said Mr. Thomas Elcome, President of 10975443 Canada Inc. “Preliminary testing has shown an average of 3% CBD and I am confident that we will be able to extract a very high quality and very valuable full spectrum CBD, and that this will be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”