Flint & Embers Enters Canada's Largest Recreational Cannabis Market, Recreational Product Line Now Available in Ontario

Published: July 21, 2021

Flint & Embers Enters Canada's Largest Recreational Cannabis Market, Recreational Product Line Now Available in Ontario

MJardin Group, Inc., a leader in premium cannabis production is pleased to announce that its flagship brand, Flint & Embers, has successfully shipped its first orders of cannabis to the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”) for retail sale. The OCS is Ontario’s only legal online retailer and is responsible for the wholesale distribution of recreational cannabis products to private retailers in the province. MJardin expects its Flint & Embers products to be available for purchase from private cannabis retailers throughout Ontario as well as online through the OCS at www.ocs.ca prior to the end of July 2021.

The Flint & Embers brand provides high quality, small-batch cannabis made with MJardin’s best-in-class facilities. Flint & Embers differentiates itself from other brands by using purpose-built modular systems and sought-after genetics.

MJardin remains committed and focused on targeted consumer segments and differentiating the Company during the rapid growth of retail cannabis stores in Ontario. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, which regulates the cannabis industry, aims to approve dozens of cannabis retail outlets each week with the goal of hitting 1,000 stores across the province by October 2021. In addition, the OCS has focused on dropping prices to draw in customers who would typically purchase cannabis illicitly. With two state-of-the-art facilities across Canada, and a new look for the brand that features bold hues and a clean design highlighting Flint & Embers unique and dynamic strains, the Company is confident in its ability to service the growing needs of Ontario consumers with Flint & Embers’ top shelf cannabis products.

“We are delighted that our cannabis collection will now be available to consumers in Ontario, one of the key growth centres for the cannabis industry at large,” said Pat Witcher, Chief Executive Officer of MJardin. “These shipments mark a major milestone for the brand. Together with our previously announced supply agreements in Alberta and British Columbia, we now have access to over 70% of Canada’s established retail cannabis network. This brings a fundamental change as we now begin to exhibit our true strengths, allowing the brand to grow organically.”

MJardin continues to pursue additional licensing opportunities across Canada and has secured additional opportunities for launching new products in the province of Ontario in the near future.

About MJardin Group
MJardin’s mission is to set the standard for successful ownership of assets in the cannabis industry. Our founders spent a decade refining cultivation methodology, collecting and implementing data driven standards and designing state-of-the-art facilities. Today, MJardin owns multiple operations in Canada, supplying the market with premium products. MJardin is publicly listed on the CSE (MJAR) and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and Denver, Colorado.