Fighter and Flower: Blessed and Flir Re-enter the Market as Legacy-to-legal Success Stories

Published: May 20, 2022

Fighter and Flower: Blessed and Flir Re-enter the Market as Legacy-to-legal Success Stories

Gallery Brands, a coalition of well-loved legacy cannabis market brands, is proud to announce the reintroduction and availability of Blessed, by Muay Thai fighter Angelina Blessed-Musicco, and Flir, by craft brewer and chocolatier Riley Starr, to the recreational adult-use cannabis market in Ontario. Blessed is ‘for those who strive to train harder to perform better’ and is launching a dosable mint chocolate bar that is vegan, gluten free and contains no added sugar, co-formulated with award-winning chocolatier Brandon Olsen.

“My mantra has always been Train. Treat. Repeat,” says Angelina, Founder of Blessed. “From the gym to the boardroom, I push myself hard everyday, I’m no stranger to pain. Years ago, we developed the perfect product to treat myself and my tastebuds; I’m proud to introduce this to the Canadian market.”

Flir combines a passion for fine foods and inventive flavours to create a departure from the normal cannabis or culinary experience, embodied by their Strawberry and Sweet Basil White Chocolate bar.

“Designed with Montréal in mind, Flir evokes the time and place of flowered balconies and warm summer breezes,” says Riley Starr, Founder of Flir. “I believe the legal market has matured to where it can support niche products, and our legacy experiments with EP Infusions demonstrated that there’s a demand for sophistication and an elevated experience.”

The two unique brands are being reintroduced to Canada as legacy-to-legal success stories empowered by Final Bell.

About Gallery Brands
Gallery is a coalition of well-loved brands from coast to coast and brought together under the Gallery Brands umbrella. By taking legacy market brands to the mainstream, Gallery stands for progress without forgoing our Founders’ roots, quality without compromise, and a sense of luxury every step of the way. Gallery Brands is culture, craftsmanship, and curation at its finest. Founded by Angelina Musicco (Blessed), Dome Duong (Little Farma), and Riley Starr (flir), with all three coming together to form Calla, Gallery embraces the unique spirit of the legacy market and brings premium cannabis products under one roof to seamlessly optimize the experience of current and future cannabis consumers. For more information visit: or InstagramTwitterFacebook, LinkedIn.

About Angelina Musicco: Founder, Blessed
Located in Toronto, Ontario, Angelina is the epitome of a pro athlete turned brand founder with a knack for precision. As a Muay Thai fighter who spent 15 years training and competing in Thailand and Canada and one of the first Canadian females to fight Muaythai in China, she understands firsthand the importance of proper recovery. Angelina noticed the market was lacking edibles with low or no sugar or keto options. She created Blessed for those who push their bodies to the max and crave a recovery process that isn’t processed. With products designed with the active in mind, the company is a reflection of her lifestyle. In her spare time, you’ll find her floating, running, getting tattooed, training, and helping her friends heal. You can find & follow Blessed on Instagram.

About Riley Starr, Founder: Flir
A lifelong Montrealer, Riley got his start working summers as a bicycle mechanic in Mile-End. After completing his training as a carpenter, he spent his early twenties remodeling turn-of-the-century townhouses across the city. While he’s always made a living working with his hands, his passion has always been for food and drink — whether it’s tending a fragile sourdough culture, curing Parma ham, or brewing beer, a hobby that eventually became a nearly decade-long career managing production at several local brewpubs. His love of cannabis eventually brought that same sensibility to a craft that he saw struggling for culinary respectability. After training under an artisan chocolatier in Chambly, Quebec, and applying his palette for craft beverage to formulating infused sodas, he founded flir as a way to celebrate exceptional ingredients alongside the experience of cannabis edibles. You can find & follow flir on Instagram.

About Final Bell
Final Bell is enabling innovation at scale for the cannabis industry. Founded by experienced cannabis industry operators, Final Bell offers an owned, end-to-end manufacturing solution that allows leading cannabis brands to outsource packaging, hardware, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, to quickly move new product ideas from concept to shelf across multiple geographies. With unparalleled, hands-on experience at all levels of the cannabis industry, deep roots in global manufacturing and CPG, and a focus on continuous improvement in all areas of its business, Final Bell helps leading brands – from craft producers to the largest multi-state operators – innovate, grow and continue disrupting the industry. For more information about Final Bell, visit