Experts Weigh in on Industry Opportunities and What’s Ahead at #CanndoraConnect: Women in Psychedelics

Published: December 11, 2020

Experts Weigh in on Industry Opportunities and What’s Ahead at  #CanndoraConnect: Women in Psychedelics

Canndora, a global media and event platform, and initiative created by Marigold Marketing & PR to support advancing women in emerging industries, hosted #CanndoraConnect: Women in Psychedelics on December 2nd, 2020. The event featured eight industry professionals and sold out with over 100 registrants from around the world.

#CanndoraConnect featured notable panellists and key partners who shared their expertise on critical topics, including opportunities for international business in psychedelics and the science behind psilocybin and its role in women’s health.

The event was made possible with support from presenting partners, Red Light Holland (CSE: TRIP | OTC: TRUFF | FSE: 4YX) and WAKE

“#CanndoraConnect: Women in Psychedelics was a truly insightful event and the panelists were incredibly knowledgeable. Having the opportunity to drive our business goals and network with other women is incredibly valuable, especially during a pandemic. The Wake team is proud to have been a presenting partner.”- Nichole Creary, VP Marketing, Wake.

#CanndoraConnect Panel Highlights

International Business

A global revolution is underway and the psychedelics market is full of opportunities for Canadian companies operating on a national and international level. The panellists discussed working on international teams in Canada, Jamaica and Netherlands and the differences between each region’s industries.

In a pre-event interview with Truffle Report, Ann Barnes, Director of Red Light Holland expressed that she thinks decriminalization of psychedelics in Canada will be here sooner rather than later. “Decriminalization is a significant area of what I hope to be a part of. It’s shameful these incredible gifts from nature have been excluded from our medicinal opportunities because of political stigma and ignorance. It should be done tomorrow because we need it today.”

Psilocybin and Women: What does Science Say?

Due to psychedelics being extremely regulated over the past several decades research has been minimal until recently. A small body of research means gender differences have largely been left out of psychedelics studies. As we know, male and female bodies are drastically different and the lack of research and awareness of those key differentiators can cause major systemic issues in how society addresses women’s health such as more women dying of heart attacks and ADHD being underdiagnosed in girls. The panellists expressed they are hopeful the psychedelic industry will delve into gender specific research as the industry continues to develop, especially since women are playing such a large part in its creation. 

In a pre-event interview with Truffle Report, Susan Chapelle, President of Havn Labs shared her belief that the integration of psychedelics into women’s health will be an exploding industry. “It’s crazy, women experience so much trauma, for example depression from infertility or losing a child. There are so many conditions, some are gendered and some are not. Still, overwhelmingly women are the majority experiencing these things,” she says. “In all these companies there is still a dearth of women. I saw the cannabis space in a positive light for a while with women entering leadership positions but as we see the market expanding in Canada that has been really restricted. I am hoping that companies see the value in having a diversity of opinion and equity across the psychedelics space.”

#CanndoraConnect Speakers included: 

  • Ann Barnes, Director of Red Light Holland
  • Sarah Hashkes, CEO of Radix Motion
  • Terri Smith, Chief Mycologist of WAKE
  • Dr. Olga Chernoloz, Chief Scientific Officer of WAKE
  • Susan Chapelle, President of Havn Labs
  • Irie Selkirk, Co-founder & Director of Rise Wellness Retreats
  • Salimeh Tabrizi, Co-Founder Canadian Psychedelic Association
  • Sabrina Ramkellawan: COO & Co-Founder Knowde Group Inc. & President Clinical Research Association of Canada

You can catch up on these insightful conversations and watch both of the panels on the Canndora website now.

Canndora and Marigold PR will be hosting more events for women in the Psychedelic and Cannabis Industries. Sign up now for WWC Conference, taking place virtually May 26th, 2021

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