Eve & Co Receives Licence Amendment to Sell Cannabis Extracts, Edibles and Topicals

Published: July 21, 2020

Eve & Co Receives Licence Amendment to Sell Cannabis Extracts, Edibles and Topicals

Eve & Co Incorporated announce dthat Health Canada approved on July 17, 2020 an amendment to the licence of its wholly-owned subsidiary Natural MedCo Ltd.(“NMC”) granting the sale of cannabis extracts, edibles and topicals. This licensing amendment will allow the Company to significantly expand its product offering to consumer markets. It has submitted four additional products’ (Cannabis 2.0) Stock Keeping Units (“SKUs”) to Health Canada. These products are expected to be released in the third and fourth quarters of 2020.

The Company plans on submitting more SKUs in the coming months as it expands its product line within female-focused categories. The Company has entered into letters of intent with Colio Estate Wines and Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics as previously announced on November 22, 2019 and January 30, 2020 respectively, for the development of cannabis-infused beverage and topical products, respectively and this licensing amendment permits the sale of such products as and when they are developed and released to consumer markets.

“We are thrilled to expand our product offerings into the recreational market to better provide alternative methods of consumption beyond flower. This is a significant step in our journey and our Product Development team has worked tirelessly on building partnerships with well-established and successful manufacturers,” said Melinda Rombouts, President and CEO of Eve & Co., “We are excited to move forward in bringing innovative products to the market, which we believe women need from their cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals.  As one of the largest cannabis facilities with EU-GMP certification, we are looking forward to the future of the supply of additional products into the European Union and continuing to work with our partners, one of whom (Bavaria Weed GMbH) also recently received its EU-GMP certification.”

The Company is also pleased to announce that it has received Health Canada’s approval on July 6, 2020 for the renewal of its licence for standard cultivation, standard processing and sale for recreational purposes under the Cannabis Regulations. The licence has been renewed for a further three years, effective until July 6, 2023.

Eve & Co, through its wholly-owned subsidiary NMC, holds cultivation and processing licences under the Cannabis Act (Canada) for the production and sale of various cannabis products, including dried cannabis, cannabis plants and extraction of cannabis oil and has received its European Union certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice which allows Eve to distribute its products to the EU. NMC was Canada’s first female-founded licensed producer of medicinal marijuana and received its cultivation licence from Health Canada in 2016. Eve & Co is led by a team of agricultural experts and has a licensed 1,000,000 square foot greenhouse located in Strathroy, Ontario.

The Company’s website can be visited at www.evecannabis.ca.

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