Entourage Health Introduces New Product Launches and Expands Market Reach of Leading Brand Dime Bag®

Published: May 9, 2024

Entourage Health Introduces New Product Launches and Expands Market Reach of Leading Brand Dime Bag®

Entourage Health Corp., an established Canadian producer and distributor of award-winning cannabis products, today unveiled the expansion of its product portfolio.

Entourage also announced the expansion of Dime Bag-branded pre-rolls into Alberta, introducing Diesel and Tropical Pocket Puffs. A package of four pre-rolls, each containing 0.5g, is available for a suggested retail price of $10.00 inclusive of taxes. This strategic move leverages Dime Bag’s significant momentum in Ontario. Recent data highlights the brand’s rapid growth, positioning Dime Bag as the third fastest-growing pre-roll product in the province for the last two consecutive quarters.1 Entourage anticipates the spring launch will mirror the brand’s popularity throughout Alberta.

“At Entourage, we are dedicated to providing what consumers truly want – variety, quality, and a premium experience, guided by comprehensive market research and valuable consumer feedback,” shared Joseph Mele, Chief Commercial Officer. “Our offerings are not just products; they reflect evolving consumer trends and respond to the dynamic demands of the market, consistently elevating our brand appeal with each release.”

Spring Brings Fresh Offerings from Color Cannabis

  • Jazzberry Pre-Rolls: Color introduces its newest indica-dominant cultivar to the Ontario market. This distinctive strain has a flavourful combination of sour wild blueberries and fresh cream. Jazzberry boasts THC levels ranging from 24% to 30% and is available in 10 x 0.35g format. 
  • Blueberry Seagal Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls: The product is available in a convenient 3 x 0.5g format. Each pre-roll boasts a unique blend of ‘Blueberry Seagal’ dried flower and live resin concentrate. This combination delivers an intense aroma and flavour profile, capturing the essence of the classic Blueberry lineage. Available at select retailers across Ontario. 
  • Pedro’s Prima Sativa Pre-Rolls: Ontario and Alberta can now experience the legendary ‘Pedro’s Sweet Sativa’ in a convenient pre-roll format. Pedro’s Prima offers 10 x 0.35g pre-rolls, each packed with the strain’s signature sweet flavour and aroma.

Additionally, Color has extended its whole flower range, featuring ‘Jazzberry’ in 3.5g, ‘Mango Haze’ in 3.5g, 7g and 15g, ‘Pedro’s Sweet Sativa’ in 3.5g, 7g and 15g, and the full-bodied ‘Phantom Sunset’ in 3.5g and 7g. These varieties are available at authorized cannabis retailers across select Canadian regions.

Saturday Cannabis Unveils New Vape Products
Saturday Cannabis launches new ‘Sour Blueberry’ 1g vape a fusion of smooth, tangy berry flavours with a citrusy twist, now available across Ontario. Expanding its vape portfolio, Saturday introduces a vibrant summer collection featuring ‘Raspberry Ice,’ ‘Watermelon,’ and ‘Beached Mango’ offering consumers a refreshing and diverse vaping experience, now available nationwide.

Company Update
On April 30, 2024, the Company announced that it was in breach of certain financial covenants and other obligations under each of its Senior Credit Agreement and Subordinated Credit Agreement with an affiliate of the LiUNA Pension Fund of Central and Eastern Canada (“LPF”) and was working collaboratively with LPF to reach an agreement on refined debt terms. Consequently, the Company received a renewed forbearance letter on May 3, 2024, waiving the Company’s breaches until August 2, 2024, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions.

About Entourage Health Corp.
Entourage Health Corp. is the publicly traded parent Company of Entourage Brands Corp., a licence holder producing and distributing cannabis products for the medical and adult-use markets. The Company owns and operates a fully licensed 26,000 sq. ft. Aylmer, ON processing facility. With its Starseed Medicinal medical-centric brand, Entourage has expanded its multi-channelled distribution strategy. Starseed’s industry-first, exclusive partnership with LiUNA, the largest construction union in Canada, along with employers and union groups, complements Entourage’s direct sales to medical patients. Entourage’s elite adult-use product portfolio includes Color Cannabis, Saturday Cannabis – and now Dime Bag and Syndicate – sold across eight provincial distribution agencies. Follow Entourage and its brands on LinkedIn

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