Empower Announces AI Pilot Program

Published: February 6, 2019

Empower Announces AI Pilot Program

Empower Clinics Inc. intends to partner with Datametrex AI Limited and its subsidiary, Canntop AI Inc., to create a pilot program that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze and gain insights about Empower patient data, physician treatment recommendations and overall long-term efficacy of patient care. The Company further intends to use Canntop’s AI platform to gain actionable insights on how consumer social data is generating nationwide interest in CBD based products, alternative pain management options and the use of cannabis-based therapies.

The pilot program is expected to utilize Empower patient data in a HIPAA compliant manner, to determine if normalized data can be generated using Datametrex AI solutions to understand how patient care and efficacy of physician-guided treatment recommendations are positively impacting serious qualifying conditions of patients.

“We believe using AI tools to analyze the substantial amounts of data in the Empower database and the additional data from the recently announced proposed Sun Valley acquisition can make Empower a data science leader in the cannabis industry,” said Steven McAuley, Empower’s Chief Executive Officer. “We believe the outcomes of our AI efforts, if successful, could position the Company as an educational leader and we plan to collaborate with the industry to ultimately improve patient care.”

“Datametrex has already utilized its Nexalogy AI solution for Health Canada studies in the cannabis sector to understand consumer usage and patterns based on massive social insights generated through channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others,” said Jeffrey Stevens, Datametrex President & COO. “We believe an AI pilot with Empower has the potential to provide disruptive insights about alternative care options that can be provided to people around the world.”


  • Patient EHR and Management System Empower utilizes a market-leading patient electronic management and POS system that is HIPAA compliant and provides deep insight to patient care.
  • Tele-Medicine Platform The Company supports remote patients using its tele-medicine portal, enabling patients who do not live near one of its clinic locations, or are disabled or unable to come to a location, to still benefit from a doctor consultation.
  • Website and e-commerce Empower will be commencing the development of its new corporate website and e-commerce store to promote and sell its growing line of CBD based products under the Sollievo brand and other partner brands.

The Company also announces the resignation of Carly Krivanek as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. McAuley will act as interim Chief Financial Officer until such time as the Company has identified a suitable candidate to fill the position. The Company thanks Ms. Krivanek for her contributions and wishes her well with her future endeavors.

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