Dynaleo Brings Value Edible Brand to Cost-Conscious Canadian Consumers

Published: September 22, 2021

Dynaleo Brings Value Edible Brand to Cost-Conscious Canadian Consumers

Dynaleo Inc. (or the ‘Company’), Canada’s highest-capacity manufacturer of premium cannabis-infused soft chews, is proud to announce the introduction of a new value brand of edible cannabis products, Pocket Fives, to adult-use recreational Canadian markets, at an easy-to-consume price.

The new brand will bring Dynaleo’s trademark quality of production to a new price point on the premium spectrum. Pocket Fives offers two high quality, vegan-friendly gummies with 5mg of THC per piece in every bag. The brand intends to demonstrate the quality that can be achieved in the ‘value’ segment and to redefine the standard of edible experiences available to cost-conscious and first-purchase consumers.

“Pocket Fives provides us with the opportunity to bring Dynaleo’s hallmark quality to a new group of Canadian consumers,” says Michael Krestell, Executive Chairman of Dynaleo Inc. “Purchasers are becoming more value-conscious, with related segments growing rapidly over the past year. The introduction of Pocket Fives truly allows Dynaleo to say we have a soft chew for every consumer.”

Pocket Fives Blue Raspberry SKU is available in Ontario now and will be rolling out to new provinces over the coming weeks. Pocket Fives will complement Dynaleo’s existing offering of premium soft chew brands, Sunshower and DynaThrive CBD, in the adult-use recreation and wellness edibles markets, respectively. The introduction of Pocket Fives brings Dynaleo’s in-market SKU count to 10 products across 7 provinces and territories.

About Dynaleo
Dynaleo is an Edmonton, Alberta-based licensed processor that is focused on manufacturing cannabis-infused adult soft-chews. Dynaleo’s purpose-built manufacturing plant contains specialized production equipment to produce precisely dosed cannabinoid infused edibles for the Canadian market. Dynaleo’s mission is to create the finest infused soft chews that enable consumers to enjoy cannabinoids, without the negative health effects of inhalation. Learn more at www.dynaleo.com and follow progress on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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