Dixie Brands Subsidiary Therabis Enters $2 Billion Feline Treat Market with First-ever CBD-infused Soft Chew Cat Treats

Published: February 26, 2019

Dixie Brands Subsidiary Therabis Enters $2 Billion Feline Treat Market with First-ever CBD-infused Soft Chew Cat Treats

Dixie Brands Inc., one of the cannabis industry’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, has announced that its pet wellness subsidiary Therabis LLC is entering the feline market with hemp-based soft chews designed to promote stress relief. “Calm and Quiet” soft chew treats will be Therabis’ first product for cats, building upon its successful line of hemp-based treats and food toppers for dogs.

“We are introducing the first hemp-based, soft-chew cat treat that is targeting a specific indication – in this case stress,” said Bob Rubin, President of Therabis. “Our goal is to ease stress in cats and help them maintain a calm demeanor in situations that may cause them to be apprehensive. Pets are members of our families, and we believe people will respond very favorably to an all-natural product that can help improve their cats’ quality of life.”

Calm and Quiet includes cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural ingredients such as L-theanine and L-taurine which have been shown to have efficacy in cats. CBD does not induce any psychoactive effects in humans or animals. Therabis has filed for a U.S. patent relating to its unique formulation which was first used in canine products in 2016.

Therabis has been developing and testing feline formulations since 2017, building upon its highly effective and widely distributed line of canine products. Therabis partnered with a specialty pet chewables maker to develop a flavor that appeals broadly to cats, who can be notoriously finicky. Calm and Quiet has been successfully tested with actual patients at the veterinary clinic of Therabis co-founder, Dr. Stephen Katz.

“Calm and Quiet tested extraordinarily well on palatability, which is always a challenging threshold to meet with cats. We were also very satisfied with the efficacy results observed in our trial patients, including some cats who had been unresponsive to other treatments over the years,” said Dr. Stephen Katz. “Anxiety is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions affecting cats, as their owners and even veterinarians can miss signs such as hyper-responsiveness to stimuli.”

Calm and Quiet will be available starting in April through the www.therabis.com website and a growing number of specialty pet stores and traditional retailers across the U.S.A. Parent company Dixie Brands has secured international distribution for Therabis, as well as its award-winning human hemp dietary supplement company Aceso Wellness, through agreements with domestic license holders in Latin America, Australia and Canada, with additional partnerships being negotiated. Therabis plans to continue to innovate and add new products to both its canine and feline product portfolio.

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