Dixie Brands Expands Industry-Leading Cannabis-Infused Product Portfolio with New Pulled Taffy Product "Dixie Bursts"

Published: April 8, 2019

Dixie Brands Expands Industry-Leading Cannabis-Infused Product Portfolio with New Pulled Taffy Product

Dixie Brands Inc., one of the cannabis industry’s leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, has announced plans to introduce a new confectionary product called Dixie Bursts. The pulled taffy chews will be sold in assorted packages containing Blue Raspberry, Mango and Strawberry flavours. Each individually-wrapped Burst will contain 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

“Dixie has been crafting quality infused-cannabis products for nearly a decade and is constantly seeking new ways to satisfy the evolving needs of our consumers who love to explore new flavours and formats,” said Andrew Floor, Dixie’s Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve had a phenomenal reaction to our latest innovation, Dixie Bursts, a hand-pulled taffy which is absolutely bursting with flavour and has a softer texture than the few comparable products in the market today.”

Edibles are gaining popularity in jurisdictions where cannabis use is permitted, with sales growth rates outpacing those of dried flower. For example, according to BDS Analytics data for January 2019 in Colorado, one of the most mature cannabis markets in the U.S., sales of both flower and pre-rolled joints declined from one year earlier and now represent less than half of total sales. Sales of ingestibles in the state increased by 17% over the same period, with the candy sub-category growing by 25%.

Many consumers are attracted to a more discrete, portable option for cannabis consumption that does not involve the potential health risks associated with smoking. Packaged edible products offer precise dose control and longer-lasting effects, attributes that appeal to medical patients in particular, and many recreational consumers as well.

Dixie’s strategy is to continue to expand its intellectual property portfolio, which is already among the most extensive of any cannabis-infused products company after nearly a decade of commercial sales and innovation. Dixie believes that a broader selection of products will strengthen its brand recognition, increase its attractiveness to dispensaries who prefer to deal with a smaller number of reputable and knowledgeable suppliers, and make it more appealing to current and prospective licensing partners in U.S. states and international markets.

Dixie Bursts will be available in indica, sativa and hybrid oil formulations, with each package containing 10 chews in Blue Raspberry, Mango and Strawberry flavor assortments. Bursts are free of gluten, dairy and nuts and like all Dixie products, they will be sold in child-resistant packaging with clearly marked doses. Dixie Bursts will be available in April in Colorado, and rolled out to additional markets in the following months.