Decibel Announces Launch Into New Product Category, Infused Pre-Rolls

Published: November 11, 2021

Decibel Announces Launch Into New Product Category, Infused Pre-Rolls

Decibel Cannabis Company Inc., a premium cannabis producer, is pleased to announce the first shipment of its newest product line, infused pre-rolls, under its General Admission brand. In the past three months, the General Admission brand has become the second largest vape brand in Canada by retail sales1. These products will be available for licensed retailers in Alberta first, with shipments to BC and Saskatchewan in November and Ontario in January.

Decibel plans to launch three additional series & types of infused pre-rolls over the next three months under both the General Admission and Qwest brands in the largest markets in Canada.

“We are incredibly excited to launch the first series of our infused pre-rolls under the General Admission brand” said Warren Matzelle, Decibel Sr. Vice President of Innovation & Retail. “This brand extension of the 2nd ranked vape brand in Canada, brings together the potency and flavours consumers love in our General Admission vapes in a convenient and innovative pre-roll format.”

Terpene Infused, Kief Coated Pre-Rolls
The first line of Decibel’s infused pre-rolls is the General Admission terpene infused, kief coated pre-rolls in 1x1g and 3×0.5g size formats. The terpene infused pre-roll line comes in 3 flavours, mirroring the most popular General Admission vapes:

  • General Admission Tropic GSC in two SKUs 1x1g & 3×0.5g
  • General Admission Berry G33 in two SKUs 1x1g and 3×0.5g
  • General Admission Strawnana in one SKU 3×0.5g

Infused Pre-Roll Category
The infused pre-roll category has shown significant growth in established cannabis markets in the US and Decibel anticipates the category to accelerate the growth of the concentrate and pre-roll categories in Canada.

  • Infused pre-roll category has grown to 44% of all pre-roll sales in California2
  • Pre-rolls in Canada have grown to 24% of the overall Canadian cannabis market1

Link to Decibel’s Investor Presentation


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About Decibel
Decibel is uncompromising in the process and craftsmanship needed to deliver the highest quality cannabis products and retail experiences. Decibel has three operating production houses along with its wholly owned retail business, Prairie Records. The Qwest Estate in Creston, BC is a licensed and operating 26,000 square foot cultivation space which produces the widely championed, rare cultivar-focused brands Qwest and Qwest Reserve, which are sold in six provinces across Canada.