Cronos Australia is Granted Manufacturing License

Published: June 19, 2018

Cronos Australia is Granted Manufacturing License

Cronos Group Inc. announce that Cronos Australia Pty Ltd. has been granted a medicinal cannabis Manufacture License by the Australian Office of Drug Control. This license permits manufacturing of cannabinoid based products in Australia and is required for all forms of extraction, refining, concentration and transformation of the cannabis plant.

“We are thrilled that Cronos Australia was granted the Manufacture License, circling out the licenses for domestic production which include the medicinal cannabis Cultivation License and Research License,” said Mike Gorenstein, CEO of Cronos Group. “This is a key step for expanding our research and product development while also allowing us to produce the full scope of cannabis products for the region.”

“The granting of the Manufacture License is a significant milestone for the company and a progressive step towards providing Australian patients with premium quality medicinal cannabis products and being a leader in the export market,” said Rodney Cocks, CEO of Cronos Australia. “With the Australian Federal Government’s ambition to build a robust domestic production and export industry, we believe Cronos Australia will be well positioned to service both Australian patients and export opportunities to New Zealand and Southeast Asia,” he said.

Cronos Australia, a joint-venture between Cronos Group and Australian-based NewSouthern Capital, serves as the Company’s hub for Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Cronos Australia will soon begin construction of its first purpose-built facility located on a 120-acre production campus in regional Victoria. During the construction period of the production facility, Cronos Australia has applied for import permits to provide interim supply of premium-quality medicinal cannabis products from Cronos Group’s Canadian operations for Australian patients.