Contempo Specialty Packaging Pioneers New Compostable Flower Pod System for Cannabis

Published: June 27, 2024

Contempo Specialty Packaging Pioneers New Compostable Flower Pod System for Cannabis

Contempo Specialty Packaging, an innovative custom packaging company, is excited to introduce a new sustainable packaging solution for the cannabis industry: the compostable flower pod cannabis packaging system. This inventive product boasts the same level of quality and customization that Contempo’s customers have come to expect over the past 45 years.

This pioneering compostable flower pod system comprises two parts:

  1. An all-metal and highly recyclable, resealable, child-resistant tin
  2. A one-time child-resistant sealed pod made from a DIN CERTCO- and BPI-certified home and industrially compostable biobased resin that fits securely within the tin

Dispensary customers receive both the reusable metal tin and home-compostable bioresin pod on their first purchase. On subsequent purchases, they receive only the pod. The groundbreaking system is home-compostable, sustainable by every metric, and beautifully designed.

“We wanted to create the most sustainable cannabis packaging option possible,” said Contempo Specialty Packaging CEO Michael Markarian. “The idea of reusable packaging is great, but the cost of shipping products to sterilization facilities has environmental impacts, not to mention the water consumption in sterilization. This pod system reduces the amount of waste and other environmental impacts as well.”

Contempo is a second-generation family-owned company that has been serving customers in the cannabis industry and beyond since 1979. Over its 45-year history, the Company has consistently pushed the boundaries with aesthetically pleasing, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions for every industry. The compostable flower pod system is the latest entry in the Company’s cutting-edge product line. To keep up with Contempo and be among the first cannabis companies to adopt the flower pod system, connect with Contempo on the Company’s websiteYouTube, or LinkedIn.

About Company
Located in Providence, Rhode Island, Contempo Packaging has a 45 year history producing beautiful packaging for the top brands and retailers in the world of fashion. In 2017, we brought that expertise to the cannabis industry with the mission to create beautiful, child resistant, and sustainable packaging for the top emerging brands in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Today, Contempo Packaging produces beautiful packaging that is also sustainable for a wide variety of industries and is passionate about ending greenwashing by developing packaging that is actually good for the planet.