Civilized And University Of New Brunswick Sign MOU to Develop Networking and Funding Opportunities to Support Research

Published: September 5, 2018

Civilized And University Of New Brunswick Sign MOU to Develop Networking and Funding Opportunities to Support Research

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Civilized and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) will guide their shared interests in cannabis research and public awareness. Civilized, a premium media and lifestyle brand, will facilitate research and networking opportunities between UNB’s groundbreaking Health Research Chair in Cannabis, only the second position of its kind in the world, and the global cannabis community.

“Because of our unique relationships with industry, we’re a trusted connector for many stakeholders,” says Derek Riedle, Publisher of Civilized. “We’re happy to invite our audience to share their experiences and perceptions with the academic community and contribute to a growing body of research.”

Civilized will help UNB by encouraging its network of global researchers, industry leaders and its digital audience to support research initiatives. The media company will also assist by promoting research results once available in an easily understood, relatable way for the public. Civilized has a North American audience of more than 3 million monthly visitors.

The media brand is undertaking this partnership with UNB as part of its commitment to social responsibility. As legalization of adult-use cannabis becomes a reality in more places around the world, raising public awareness about responsible cannabis consumption is a priority for Civilized. The 2018 Cannabis Culture Poll (produced in partnership by Civilized and PBS Research) indicates more public awareness is required around cannabis use and impaired driving, for instance, especially given the changing legalization landscape across North America.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Civilized as we explore research opportunities into the health impacts of cannabis,” says Dr. David MaGee, Vice President of Research at UNB. “Our new collaboration will facilitate communication and networking within this fast-growing sector.”

The objective of the MOU is to establish a relationship between Civilized and UNB to develop networking and funding opportunities to support research. It may also include exchanging non-confidential materials, publications and academic information, the promotion of joint research and joint organization of meetings and workshops.