Cannvas.Me Experiences Record 524% Increase in User Engagement

Published: March 27, 2019

Cannvas.Me Experiences Record 524% Increase in User Engagement

Cannvas MedTech Inc., a leading digital cannabis education and analytics company, is pleased to announce unprecedented growth of its Cannvas.Me ( digital cannabis education platform as more global users from over 80 countries and 1,100 cities turn to Cannvas.Me for credible and evidence-based cannabis education. With user growth exceeding expectations and the platform’s global reach expanding at a rapid pace, Cannvas.Me is poised to become the household name for cannabis education all while increasing its unique dataset to paint a clearer picture of cannabis consumption across Canada.

“We are thrilled with our consistent new user acquisition and the way in which we keep existing users interested and engaged with Cannvas.Me, adding targeted new sections based on user needs including Cannvas For Her, Physician’s Corner, our upcoming Athlete’s Corner and much much more,” said Shawn Moniz, Chief Executive Officer. “With so many visitors to Cannvas.Me in such a short period of time, it’s clear not only Canadians, but the global audience of the 80 countries using our platform are starved for more in-depth evidence-based education on cannabis and understand that Cannvas has evolved into a trusted resource for physician-backed information on all aspects of the plant.”

Since the launch of Cannvas.Me in October, the educational platform has experienced a consistent month-to-month user growth of 30%, with a meteoric rise of 524% in March. The site is now on track to have over 4 million unique users accessing its free and unbiased cannabis education in 2019, with over 50 million views of Cannvas articles and courses before year’s end. This puts Cannvas on track to have over 90% of countries around the world engaging with its content before the end of 2019.

The average session duration for Cannvas.Me users has also increased month-to-month since the site’s launch, up 10% each month in the past six months. With users spending an average of nearly 10 minutes on the site per visit. “Through a network of strategic partnerships focused on content and data sharing, coupled with a groundswell of global users looking to learn more about cannabis, Cannvas continues to outpace expectations as it surpasses growth projections,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets. “We are thrilled with these results and expect our media and advertising partners to feel the same as their products and services are reaching more relevant audiences as our revenue streams continue to grow alongside our user base.”

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