Cannvas Appoints Leading U.S.-Based Cannabis Educator to Advisory Board

Published: February 19, 2019

Cannvas Appoints Leading U.S.-Based Cannabis Educator to Advisory Board

Cannvas MedTech Inc., a leading digital cannabis education and analytics company, is pleased to name a leading U.S.-based cannabis educator and industry consultant to its newly-formed Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board. Emma Chasen will join the Board to provide educational content focused on the science of cannabis, leveraging her academic training in plant chemistry and experience working with leading cannabis brands in developing educational programs for staff and customers.

“Emma brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to the idea of cannabis education, along with a solid foundation of evidence-based knowledge and an unquenchable thirst to continue learning and sharing,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer, Global Markets, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “We look forward to working with Emma and leaning on her expertise in cannabis sciences to continue providing our community with free and unbiased cannabis education from leading authorities in the field, going above and beyond the basics to allow Canadians access to a rich trove of information helping them make better decisions about their health and wellness.”

Ms. Chasen has had formal academic training in studying plant chemistry and secondary compounds, terpenes, alkaloids and cannabinoids, earning a specialized Biology degree with a focus on Medicinal Plant Research from Brown University. During her time as Director of Education at the award-winning Portland dispensary Farma, Ms. Chasen championed an evidence-based approach to cannabis education for consumers looking for alternative treatments, focusing on the plant’s genetic and chemical makeup instead of standard binary classifications.

“The addition of Emma Chasen to our Cannabis Sciences Advisory Board emphasizes the attention we expect to be paid to the scientific aspects of cannabis, from identification to usage, as a growing body of research continues to accumulate,” said Daniel Davidzon, Director of Strategy and Education, Cannvas MedTech Inc. “Emma’s experience creating educational cannabis curricula is essential to offering Cannvas.Me users accurate and timely evidence-based information, positioning the platform to better adapt to new discoveries as the science of cannabis catches up to the rest of the industry.”

Through her dedication to the science of cannabis, Ms. Chasen’s work has been featured in Newsweek, Forbes, High Times Magazine, The Oregon Leaf, Teen Vogue and many more publications lauding her approach to cannabis education.

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