Cannabis Transdermal Patches Among Products to Launch in July under Atlas Thrive™

Published: July 13, 2021

Cannabis Transdermal Patches Among Products to Launch in July under Atlas Thrive™

Atlas Biotechnologies Inc., a leading Canadian cannabis company, announced the launch of Atlas Thrive – Powered by MÜV™ branded products in collaboration with leading multi-state American partner Verano Holdings Corp. Powered by MÜV patches, gels and tinctures will be available exclusively through Shoppers Drug Mart’s online storefront at launch. Atlas and Verano will bring Powered by MÜV products to brick-and-mortar stores across Canada with a launch date of transdermal patches at OCS on July 13 and at AGLC in August.

“As Atlas expands its distribution nationally and globally, we are excited to introduce Atlas Thrive Powered by MÜV technology in partnership with Verano. As a leader in the Canadian cannabis space, we are keen to provide effective, smokeless, and reliable health and wellness solutions to millions of Canadians,” said Sheldon Croome, Atlas Founder and CEO. “We are pleased to be working closely with Verano, an industry leader in the USA, to make these new treatments available to a wider range of patients and consumers.”

“We’re pleased by the scope of this opportunity and the expanded footprint it provides Verano in accessing the Canadian cannabis market through the largest pharmacy chain in the country,” said George Archos, Verano Co-Founder and CEO. “The prospect of introducing our award-winning MÜV products to a new market and new patients and consumers is an exciting opportunity for the company.”

The patented MÜV products, including fast-acting patches, gels, and tinctures, will be available for purchase online in July for medical cannabis patients in Canada under the Atlas Thrive™ brand through Shoppers Drug Mart. Shoppers Drug Mart is the largest pharmacy chain in Canada, which is accessible to over 400,000 patients with medical cannabis prescriptions.

The Atlas Thrive MÜV THC Tincture and 1:1 Transdermal Patch will also be launching through OCS and available to the Ontario market online, and across over 800 retailers, on July 13, with Alberta following suit in August across over 600 more retailers.

About Atlas
Atlas Biotechnologies Inc. is based in Edmonton, Canada and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Atlas Growers Ltd. is federally licensed in Canada for cultivation and production of cannabis products, with a focus on health and wellness. Atlas currently produces flower, extract, topical and edible formulations with medical distribution across Canada and adult-use distribution in 7 provinces and territories, accessing over 70% of the Canadian population. Atlas operates under three brands. Atlas Growers™ is focused on medical markets, Natural History™ on adult-use markets (, and Atlas Thrive™ on the wellness market (

About Verano
Verano Holdings Inc. is a leading, vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis operator in the U.S., devoted to the ongoing improvement of communal wellness by providing responsible access to regulated cannabis products. With a mission to address vital health and wellness needs, Verano produces a comprehensive suite of premium, innovative cannabis products sold under its trusted portfolio of consumer brands: Verano™, Avexia™, Encore™, and MÜV™.  Learn more at

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