Cannabis-Related Websites in Canada Show a 700% Year-Over-Year Increase, Says Go Daddy Report

Published: February 20, 2019

Cannabis-Related Websites in Canada Show a 700% Year-Over-Year Increase, Says Go Daddy Report

GoDaddy announced that cannabis-related websites in Canada cracked GoDaddy Canada’s list of top ten industry verticals that created websites with GoDaddy Website Builder in 2018. Surging growth in the number of cannabis-related websites last year in Canada, led the health and medical business category to secure the number two spot behind the home services business category.

The health and medical business category not only includes cannabis but also medical professionals – chiropractors, dentists, dieticians etc. When cannabis became legal in Canada this past October, the creation of cannabis-related websites built on GoDaddy’s platform increased 700 per cent over 2017. Looking at the rate at which sites were built in 2018, it’s clear that more than ever that Canadians understand the importance of getting their business online.

“Having a website has helped our business become more recognized,” said Anthony Wingham, Owner of Tetra Concentrates. “With cannabis now legalized in Canada, we expect to see our business grow and having an online presence with GoDaddy will be essential to that growth.”

The home services business category topped the list this year with more sites built in that vertical than other, with businesses such as snow removal, cleaning services, repair services, lawn maintenance and electricians creating more websites than any other category. While professional services and home services saw a lot of sites created last year, new areas emerged to take over the top spots.

Other industries that cracked the top 10 list of industries building websites with GoDaddy Website Builder in Canada this year include: construction (contractors, builders, re-modelers); consulting; professional services (accounting, delivery, bookkeeping); fashion (retail, clothing design); art and design (tattoos, graphic artists, interior design); fitness and wellness (yoga, personal trainer, gym); real estate (mortgage broker, real estate agent, property management); and charities.

“Our ongoing analysis of website creation trends gives us insight into what types and how many small businesses and entrepreneurs are building websites in Canada,” said Jill Schoolenberg, Vice President and Country Manager of GoDaddy Canada. “We continually study this data as the small business landscape continues to change and more industries are building an online presence. By understanding what our Canadian customers are doing online, we are able to create new features and enhancements for our products to help our customers’ online ventures grow.”

GoDaddy Website Builder offers small business owners and entrepreneurs an easy-to-use tool to create a website on any device, whether a desktop computer or mobile device. With many templates to choose from, customized based on industry and idea, integrated marketing and SEO capabilities, online store features and online appointments, this tool continually evolves to help Canadian small business owners streamline their business and build a strong online presence.