Cannabis-Infused Beverages Take Centre Stage as BELLEBUD Launches Flagship Cannabis Store in Toronto

Published: November 19, 2021

Cannabis-Infused Beverages Take Centre Stage as BELLEBUD Launches Flagship Cannabis Store in Toronto

Licensed cannabis retailer BELLEBUD is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship store located at 127 Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Ontario on November 18th, 2021. Founded by research, fueled by innovation, and designed for the future of cannabis, BELLEBUD is committed to giving guests more of what they want.

Sprawling more than 1,200 square feet of retail space, BELLEBUD is distinguishing itself in the market by growing cannabis-infused beverage revenue to 40% of its overall sales by the end of 2022. Similar to the rapid expansion within the energy drinks category, BELLEBUD views the cannabis-infused beverages space to be on a serious growth trajectory.

“By 2025, the global cannabis-infused beverage market is expected to reach $2.8 billion, and this is a trend we simply cannot ignore,” said Kris Belleperche, President of BELLEBUD. “BELLEBUD is committed to understanding emerging trends in the cannabis sector and ensuring that we are responding strategically through all facets of our business – from our stores and partners to our products and talented employees.”

Staying ahead of trends is just one part of the picture at BELLEBUD. The brand also knows there are some realities they must address head-on, including combating any remaining stigma around cannabis or cannabis-infused beverages.

“The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving and to be successful we have to tackle misinformation and misconceptions that still surround cannabis. While it won’t happen overnight, part of the solution is changing the retail experience,” says Belleperche. He says BELLEBUD will focus on integrating hospitality into its stores where guests are treated as if they are entering a restaurant or hotel establishment. “Why should shopping for cannabis be any different?” asks Belleperche.

Belleperche is joined by Bob Ward who serves as BELLEBUD’s Vice President and Director. Ward delivers a diversified business experience to the table including premium bottled water production, franchising, and more than ten years of hospitality experience. Together, Belleperche and Ward deliver retail and commercial business experience that sets the stage for a unique perspective on the retail cannabis market.

Crafted by X-Design Inc, the BELLEBUD store certainly exudes the hospitality atmosphere with a space designed for purpose and ease. Sophisticated and refreshing, BELLEBUD features an abundance of natural light and neutral tones with subtle pops of colour and modern accents. Furthermore, the clean line of sight from the front of the store to the back provides guests with a streamlined and effortless experience.

For BELLEBUD, the experience can only be perfected when we have a customer-centric mindset.

“We recognize that our customers’ appetite for cannabis will be transformative and BELLEBUD will always optimize our offerings to meet our customers wherever they are in the cannabis journey,” said Belleperche.

For BELLEBUD, this is just the beginning. By 2031, the company plans to launch ten additional locations in Ontario and other key markets. Until then, they look forward to serving residents and visitors of Toronto to 127 Spadina Avenue effective November 18, 2021.

BELLEBUD is an independently owned and operated licensed legal cannabis retailer located at 127 Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by research, fueled by innovation, and designed for the future of Cannabis, BELLEBUD is committed to giving its guests more of what they want. Guests, cannabis curious, seasoned, or new-era cannabis users, are met with a refreshing and sophisticated environment housing a wide range of industry-leading and Canadian-sourced products, accessories, and high-end brand merchandise. In addition to a range of traditional cannabis products and accessories, approximately 40% of inventory is cannabis-infused beverages. BELLEBUD is a 19+ venue, and guests who wish to enter will be required to present government-issued identification. The retail store will operate Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Our Partners
BELLEBUD would like to recognize the following organizations that were instrumental in the opening of our flagship store including: Blue Door Communications, X-Design, TIGRIS Engineering Inc., SIGN-A-RAMA, Sonitrol, DNS Industries Limited, Truss Beverage Co., OCS and JST Construction. We are proud to share the names of these partners and suppliers who were essential to our opening of this first BELLEBUD store and therefore key to our success. For more information, visit the website at or social media at @bellebudca.