Cannabis Entrepreneur Launches Women of Cannabis Calendar

Published: October 15, 2021

Cannabis Entrepreneur Launches Women of Cannabis Calendar

“Cannabis does not discriminate. It doesn’t see gender, or race, sexuality or age, it doesn’t see your flavour or what you believe in. Cannabis loves you no matter who you are.”  Those are the words of Reverend Kelly Addison, KGL Network, KGLTV,  the Church of KGL, and, of  course – founder and managing director of the flagship, Kelly’s Green Lounge –  a cannabis-friendly establishment located in the quaint village of Orono, Ontario, about an hour from Toronto, Canada.

In spite of covid, Kelly’s Green Lounge was able to survive via a passionate community in its virtual incarnation, providing online events, education, comedy and other programming, increasingly making its mark as a centre for community, education, and celebration of the cannabis plant.

In a year of exciting firsts that included being mentioned in international media as one of the best online 420 parties of 2020; KGL made waves with their unique 2021 calendar – Men of Cannabis – with it’s attention getting Last Supper-ish theme.  At the time, Reverend Kelly pointed out that her calendar was meant to help reduce the stigma against cannabis users by highlighting twelve men of different ages, races, and body types who use the plant.

And this year, Reverend Kelly and her team are doing it again. This time, she is turning her attention to some of the women who have made their marks in cannabis.  Addison describes every single one of the models as “gorgeous” – but like the men of last year’s calendar they don’t necessarily all fit the pin up standard -and that’s a good thing.   “The women inside these pages do not fit in to a box or a “calendar model stereotype” they are real, beautiful women, who love our plant and celebrate it,” she said.

Every single image is striking, and these women are real – life beautiful.  That’s not to say there aren’t real life models – truly members of the Kelly’s Green Lounge community  – who have given of their time to help bring attention to this important project. Marijane Baker, is recognizable to Toronto Sun readers – she’s been the proudly cannabis themed sunshine girl more than once, and is one half of the internationally known The Noobie And The Doobie podcast and media team.  Jacqui Childs is involved too-a force onto herself, with her personal brand known for decades across North America in the entertainment, influencer, and in more recent years, cannabis spaces.

Speaking of newsmakers, Caryma Sa’d, “a prominent lawyer whose cases and legal commentary have been featured by local, national, and international media outlets,” also well loved in the cannabis community, is Miss February.  Other notables include Latoya Elliott, the power woman owner of Toronto’s Fro20 Shop, Hamilton based entrepreneur Mimi Cannabis, recognized in the Chicago Tribune (and by Cheech and Chong’s Tommy Chong!) for her work with boomers and seniors interested in the plant represents the older generation; Cannacollectives Danyka Dunseith – and others.

The women say they feel empowered by the project -“As a non-model; I especially loved that Reverend Kelly curated a beautiful, eclectic, strong women who have contributed to the cannabis industry in so many special ways. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing and I’m grateful to have been part of this unprecedented project. I am so humbled to be in these beautiful womens’ company and can not wait to see us all grow,” said Danyka Dunseith, Cannacollective

“I have never had a more ethereal experience being around so many women who share the same passions about the cannabis industry as I do! This continues to be the driving force behind why representation is so important to myself and my company. I’m so grateful to Reverend Kelly for including me in such an amazing and especially important project for us Women of Cannabis!” says Latoya Elliott.

The models :

January- Danyka Dunseith
February-Caryma S’ad
March-Nadia Rehman
April-Jacqui Childs
May- Mimi Cannabis (Michele Parotta)
June-Nikki Lawrence
July-Marijane Baker
August-Katelynd Kuhar
September-Stacy Bobak
October- Lisa Fogg
November- Angie McGrath & Kara Lee Blight
December-Latoya Elliott

Reverend Kelly herself had this to say in conclusion: “This Calendar is dedicated to all the women of cannabis. The age of Aquarius is upon us! Female power is on the rise and it’s time for the Yin and sisterhood to rejoice.  Cannabis blesses you.  Each, and every amazing human reading this. You are blessed. You are loved.”

The calendar is now ow available for pre sale order – order now for $20 (regular price after presale 25$ or save $80 on a box of 20 calendars.  Email to order.

2022 Women of Cannabis Calendar Launch Party : includes the world premiere of the music video DREAMS by globally renowned artist COUNT KLASSY & SISCO KENNEDY.  Tickets are 100 and include dinner, a signed calendar, and karaoke with the calendar girls.

WHEN : Oct 17, 2 to 7:10 pm
WHERE : Ted Reader’s THE JOINT BBQ, 615 Winchester Rd, Whitby

More About Kelly’s Green Lounge  
KGL is a local space with a global reputation where the canna-curious to the cannabis connoisseur alike can unite in education, and in celebration of the plant. A mainstay on Main Street in the small town of Orono, it is a safe space for community building, learning, and sharing together. While the Ontario legislation still does not permit indoor consumption in “cannabis lounges”, the smoke-free lounge offers a number of on-site and online programming for personal development, cultivation, and building of community in cannabis.