Canadian Analytical Laboratories Develops Multi-Pesticide Residues Testing Methods for the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency

Published: October 25, 2021

Canadian Analytical Laboratories Develops Multi-Pesticide Residues Testing Methods for the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency

Canadian Analytical Laboratories, a leading provider of analytical testing, rapid method development, validation and research services to the regulated health and food products industries in Canada today announced analytical testing methods for more than 150 pesticides have been developed for the Israeli market. The pesticides are in addition to Health Canada’s mandatory testing of 96 pesticide residues and the EP pesticide residues in cannabis dried flowers and cannabis-related products. The Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency (IMCA) will allow the Company to support Canadian growers seeking to export medicinal cannabis flower to Israel provided that cannabis exporters meet the exhaustive list of pesticides residues testing requirements.

According to data from Atalis, Israel is currently the largest importer of medical dried cannabis from Canada. The rapid pace of growth of the Israeli medical cannabis market and domestic growers struggling to keep up with demand is the driving force for importation. The acceptance by IMCA of Canadian Analytical Laboratories pesticide methods is an important development toward meeting Israel’s stringent importation quality assurance requirements.

“It has been almost three years since the ‘green rush’ began here in Canada.” said Dr. Christian Sood, CEO of Canadian Analytical Laboratories, “Since then, as the first G7 country to legalize cannabis for adult use, Canada has become regarded as a world leader for both recreational and medical cannabis. This in large part due to our comprehensive federal regulatory process for licensing production facilities and a set of standards for quality. Countries not only look to Canada as a case study to model their own Cannabis laws and regulations, but equally so, as an attractive global business partner.”

“For over 30 years, clients have chosen to rely on us because of our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, scientific standards, integrity, and impartiality,” said Dr. Christian Sood, “this new development confirms and demonstrates our ongoing commitment both here in Canada as well around the world in doing our part to ensure public safety by providing high standards of testing and quality assurance backed by exceptional competency.”

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