Canadian Analytical Laboratories Awarded ISO 17025:2017 Certification

Published: April 27, 2021

Canadian Analytical Laboratories Awarded ISO 17025:2017 Certification

Canadian Analytical Laboratories, a leading of analytical testing, method development, validation and research services to the regulated health and food products industries in Canada announced today that the Company was awarded the ISO725:2017 certification for testing by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA).

ISO/IEC 17025 is developed and published by the
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is the highest globally recognized quality standard in the world for calibration and testing laboratories. To earn the accreditation, a laboratory is assessed in its ability to consistently produce precise and accurate tests and have implemented a rigorous quality management system. This also requires personnel to be highly competent to perform all testing on the scope of accreditation.

“For over 30 years, clients have chosen to rely on us because of our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, scientific standards, integrity, and impartiality,” said Dr. Christian Sood, CEO of Canadian Analytical Laboratories, “the accreditation further confirms and demonstrates our ongoing commitment in doing our part to ensure public safety by providing high standards of testing and quality assurance backed by exceptional competency.”

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CAL is a leading provider of analytical testing, Method Development, Validation Studies, Quality Control Testing and Stability Studies for raw materials and finished products. For over 30 years, the Company has served North American companies in the natural health products, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, and personal care products industries, and Canadian-based cannabis companies. The Company’s long-standing commitment and leadership and innovation in the Industry and to Research and Development has earned CAL a reputation for excellence.

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