Canada’s HiBnb Announces Partnership With SUPERHOG To Alleviate “Stigma” of Cannabis Use In Short Term Rentals

Published: July 22, 2021

Canada’s HiBnb Announces Partnership With SUPERHOG To Alleviate “Stigma” of Cannabis Use In Short Term Rentals

Today in Toronto, Elizabeth Becker – Founder of HiBnb, the Canadian startup globally recognized for “putting Canada on the cannabis tourism map”, made an important announcement about a new partnership  with SUPERHOG that will alleviate concerns that some may still have about renting out space to cannabis users.

Becker says it is that kind of stigma that HiBnb exists to remove for the millions of cannabis friendly consumers expected to use their service over the coming years. “Though  we know the cannabis community we serve is vastly responsible, potential hosts sometimes have unwarranted concerns because of the unfair stigma that has existed around cannabis use for so long.  We’re here to change all that!”

“This partnership with SUPERHOG alleviates any concerns people might have about making rooms in their homes available to cannabis users,” She says with enthusiasm. “For us, this is a real gamechanger – it will help potential hosts who aren’t familiar with the cannabis community be more comfortable, giving them the opportunity to host wonderful people of all ages looking for a little slice of home away from home!”

Becker is used to changing the landscape for cannabis tourists – her work was recently honored when she won the prestigious 2021 SHORTYZ Innovator / Disruptor Award award from representing the international short term rental industry in a ceremony based in the United Kingdom (because of Covid restrictions the Canadian company could only attend the ceremony virtually.)

She says it is important to note that potential hosts don’t have to actually allow indoor smoking – though many do.  While not all HiBnb listings are able to offer smoking inside, some make smoking areas available, while others encourage smoking outdoors on the property (you’ll never feel the need to hide around the corner to smoke that joint . Many provide rolling stations or tabletop vaporizers. Some accommodation hosts even go the extra mile and provide guests with cannabis or edibles on site when they arrive; others offer connections to nearby cannabis retailers. All accommodation hosts encourage the guest to bring their own cannabis.)

Andrew Boldt, SUPERHOG’s COO and Co-Founder had this to say  – “Home-sharing is about inclusiveness, community and experience, with HiBnb being a prime example of this. SUPERHOG is always keen to work with businesses whose aim is to bring communities together and in particular keep those communities safe. SUPERHOG’s partnership with HiBnb emphasises the common goal that both companies share in making the vacation rental a safe and trusted environment.”

Becker agrees.  “By partnering  with SUPERHOG, we are able to offer HiBnb Hosts peace of mind that their properties and possessions are safe – guaranteed safe.  Adding the mandatory screening and verification on our site, Hosts are guaranteed with $1.7 million Canadian dollars in property  damage with a low minimum claim and the same amount for liability in case a guest has an accident.  There is no need to collect a security deposit. We are now proud to offer an age-gated online marketplace and a gated real world community where celebrating cannabis culture is accepted, safe, and legal.”

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About SUPERHOG – SUPERHOG is the leading global digital trust platform for the vacation rental industry. SUPERHOG enables a growing ecosystem of hosts, operators and guests to make their online activity safer, providing a tech-based AI-supported toolkit including biometric recognition, ID verification, and screening technology to increase bookings and provide industry-leading protection. SUPERHOG’s mission – To solve the trust and protection gap for millions of global short-term rental hosts, operators and guests, by providing a tech-based AI-supported toolkit that increases booking confidence and provides protection unmatched in the STR industry.

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