California's Next Green Wave Joins CGOC's Private Investments Portfolio

Published: August 2, 2018

California's Next Green Wave Joins CGOC's Private Investments Portfolio

Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation announced an investment in Next Green Wave, a vertically integrated cannabis company producing medicinal and recreational cannabis products for customers throughout the State of California. The deal is an example of CGOC’s approach to investing in privately-held companies poised for high growth.

Led by world class cannabis experts known for producing award winning seeds and plants, NGW is well positioned to control the complete seed to sale process. With the changing regulatory environment in California, this investment will help NGW have a supply advantage over its competitors in offering cannabis to medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries.

“As we aim to help create a vibrant, global cannabis industry where investors can benefit from its long-term benefit, we’re looking at companies like NGW who are poised to lead in their market,” said Jamie Blundell, President and COO of CGOC. “NGW is an example of a private investment we’re making where we can lever our relationships and expertise to help them grow.”

CGOC is investing $750,000 CAD in NGW. NGW currently has four sites permitted for medicinal and recreational marijuana operations. With this investment, the company will be able to finish construction on the first of four facilities.

“We’re looking for partners like CGOC to help us as we drive to meet the high future demand for medical and recreational cannabis in California,” says Leigh Hughes, Executive Chairman of NGW. “Their team is as committed as we are to our expansion and we plan to fully lever their expertise and experience helping other cannabis organizations as we move forward with our upcoming listing on the CSE in Q3 of 2018.”

NGW’s team has spent many years cultivating some of the best cannabis seeds in the world under the Loud Seeds brand. Loud Seeds has been inducted into the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame for producing winning cannabis strains six times at the Cannabis Cup.

“We’re very excited about our market opportunity,” added Mike Jennings, NGW’s CEO. “We have the best products and the right profile to capitalize on what is happening in California. CGOC’s investment is a critical enabler for us to do so.”

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